Incontinence and intimate problems
Incontinence and intimate problems

Intimate area - Intymacy, sexuality

Urinary incontinence is a disease that affects as many as 30% of women. Due to its nature, we divide it into urge, stress and mixed types. However, this is not the only problem of the intimate area faced by women. While urinary incontinence is primarily of medical importance, aesthetic reasons and the quality of sexual life are also significant when it comes to the appearance of the intimate area.

Treatment of the urinary incontinence problem should be performed under the supervision of a specialist. Among the solutions of aesthetic medicine, it is worth to mention i.a. injecting the inactive muscle with botulinum toxin or the so-called fillers causing the closure of the urethra.

Plasty of the labia allows to get rid of embarrassing problems that decrease the woman's self-esteem and affect her self-confidence. One of more popular procedures is labioplasty, i.e. an augmentation or reduction of the labia.

Vaginoplasty, on the other hand, is the shrinking of the walls of the vagina, which increases its elasticity and improves the quality of sexual life. In modern aesthetic medicine, there are also advanced solutions, such as G-spot augmentation or whitening of the intimate area. 

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