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Fitness, pilates and yoga classes at Sense Med Concept

Physical activity has a positive effect not only on well-being, but also increases the body's performance, improves fitness and naturally builds immunity. 

Sense Studio is a place where we care for proper body weight and posture. Our extensive training offer helps improve body flexibility, strengthen muscles and shape your silhouette. Together with doctors and physiotherapists, we offer the opportunity to prepare an individual training plan.

Our specialists will take care of the proper technique of exercising, create the right atmosphere and motivate you. They will remind you of proper breathing and body position. In addition to the training offer, we also conduct fitness classes, pilates using equipment or yoga classes, which will help maintain proper posture and fitness for years.

Sense Studio services

For body and soul

We want regular physical activity to be part of a healthier lifestyle. We know that in order to do this, we need to maintain a balance between training and regeneration. Listen to your own body and choose the right form of exercise. At Sense Studio we conduct personal training and group activities. Pilates and yoga training properly activate deep muscles, so they improve body posture and shape your silhouette. 

Any physical activity should end with regeneration. After training, you should allow your muscles to rest. At the Sense Studio relaxation zone you can find sauna at your exclusive disposal. 

Personal trainings

Individual training, in particular performed by beginners, may cause injuries. It is very important to maintain a proper body position during exercise. At every stage our trainers will be able to supervise your body position, keeping your body properly positioned, or using a proper exercise technique. They will help in developing trainings consisting of body-weight exercises, without negative consequences for the spine. 

Training performed under a vigilant eye of the trainers will help work on your fitness, reduce stress and improve concentration. This should be considered by the individuals during treatment and after injuries. The issue of health is very important, therefore exercise should be tailored individually.

Body composition analysis

Body composition analysis is an important element of diagnostics before starting the training plan. It allows you to verify progress, check the effectiveness of your diet and exercise, and show changes. Regular measurements also motivate for further training. They are important not only for athletes, but for weight loss or people who want to shape their silhouette.

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