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Medical SPA treatments at Sense Med Concept

The natural need of our body and also mind is revitalisation and regeneration. Thanks to that, we regain peace and inner harmony. The medical SPA zone allows patients to feel like inn a spa resort, without abandoning everyday duties and social life. Thanks to the regenerative procedures at Medical SPA in Warsaw, you will eliminate tension, reduce back pain, regain muscle strength, mobility of joints and limbs. All in order to remove blokades and ensure the best basis for further comprehensive therapy.

At the Sense Med Concept Medical SPA we create a new dimension of treatment methods involving physiotherapy, osteopathy, balneology, cosmetology and hydrotherapy. High skills of our specialists in the scope of performance of treatments translate into their effectiveness - the patient immediately begins to feel a noticeable relief. 

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Therapeutic massage, hydrotherapy procedures, natural fangotherapy - all of this prepares the body for building fitness and maintaining well-being.

In addition to regenerative treatments, we also offer health-promoting and preventive treatments that will help you stay fit for many years.

Regular use of medical massages at Medical SPA in combination with other natural treatments restores vitality and health to your body. 

Physiotherapy and wellness treatments as well as medicinal baths bring the best effects when they are selected according to the needs of the patient. At our Medical SPA first we assess the psychological and physical abilities, we check the health and well-being of the patient, so that the proposed treatments are effective and at the same time ensure the safety of the treatments applied. 

The Medical SPA staff specialising in specific fields of physiotherapy will help not only the patients seeking prophylaxis, but also the people with special medical indications: hypertension and other diseases of the cardiovascular system, back pain, injuries to the cervical spine, sciatica and other chronic diseases. 

Take care of yourself - increase your potential thanks to the rituals for the body and mind at our unique Medical SPA in Warsaw.

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