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Diagnostic and laboratory tests at Sense Med Concept

The path to regeneration, harmony and health begins with understanding the principles of the body's functioning. Diagnostic tests allow to obtain a complete image, and thus perform an analysis of the patient's condition. Based on the results of specialist examinations, the doctor will assess the overall condition, but also body composition, current microbiome or skin condition. Genetic predisposition is also taken into account. Once this data is obtained, the doctor establishes a long-term and comprehensive action plan.

Professionally performed diagnostic tests constitute an introduction to effective treatment, thanks to which you will regain internal peace, harmony of the body and mind. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, you will restore the vitality to your body and provide it with real regeneration!

Diagnostic tests

Learn about the diagnostic tests at Sense Med Concept

The Sense Med Concept laboratory testing package allows for personalised treatment tailored to the needs of each patient. The basic and in-depth tests performed by experienced professionals using professional equipment provide valid and reliable results. When we combine it with the knowledge of our doctors in the scope of healthy lifestyle and broadly understood regeneration, we find the way to valuable, high-quality life.

Diagnostic tests are performed according to the needs of a specific person. At Sense Med Concept, first of all we determine what scope of tests will be optimum for the patient. We offer a full package of diagnostic tests - mainly laboratory tests, including blood count and general urinalysis, which are extremely important when starting treatment. Thanks to them, the doctor gathers important information indicating the direction for further diagnostics and treatment.

Apart from the basic test package, the laboratory tests at Sense Med Concept in Warsaw include genetic, histopathology, Holter ECG and cardio ECG tests, ergospirometry, polygraphy and a very wide range of ultrasound examinations. Depending on individual circumstances, the patient may be referred for various types of tests.

The body's health is based on proper functioning of the circulatory system. Any disorders in this respect lead to more or less noticeable complaints. Therefore, one of the most commonly recommended medical tests at Sense Med Concept is Doppler of veins and arteries.

Recovery of health and balance proves important, among other things, for maintaining hormonal balance and restoring fertility. In order to diagnose any problems in this respect, your doctor may refer you for thyroid examinations, gynaecological ultrasound or mexamination of male reproductive organs. 

Analysis of the obtained diagnostic tests gives an overall picture of the possibilities and limitations of the body - its genetic, physiological and biochemical condition. We want our Patients to understand the relationship between predispositions, health and vital forces, and the well-being and external appearance.

Comprehensive tests at Sense Med Concept open the way to a better tomorrow and real joy of good life!

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