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Medical consultations at Sense Med Concept

A healthy and well-groomed body allows you to enjoy life longer. A medical consultation allows you to discuss your condition with a specialist, analyse the symptoms you are concerned about and develop an action plan. During an individual consultation, your doctor will take a look at your medical history, order additional tests, make a preliminary diagnosis and refer you to a specialist if necessary. During the medical consultation, you can establish a treatment and prevention plan to keep you fit and healthy.

From now on, your doctor will accompany you on your journey to health and monitor your progress, and will intervene quickly if your condition deteriorates.

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A medical consultation is the first step in a patient's diagnosis. Would you like to consult your test results with a high-calibre specialist? Make an appointment. Our doctors are experienced and professional staff with extensive medical experience. During your consultation, your doctor will take a detailed history with you to get to know you and your expectations well. We believe that the combination of our doctors' experience, detailed examinations and specific recommendations will keep you healthy and well for a long time.

We consult many specialists such as an endocrinologist, gynaecologist, cardiologist, diabetologist, surgeon, oncologist or internist. A visit to a specialist allows you to start or continue treatment tailored to your needs.

Hormonal problems, difficulties getting pregnant or irregular periods are best consulted with a gynaecologist. Thyroid diseases, insulin resistance and hyperprolactinaemia are dealt with by an endocrinologist. Sometimes it is necessary to confirm the initial diagnosis by consulting another specialist, which is why you can count on comprehensive care at Sense Med Concept. 

You can choose the specialist yourself, but if you do not know which one to go to, you can count on our staff to help you. Knowing the ailments that concern you, we can refer you to a particular doctor, who will either decide to start treatment or refer you to another specialist.

More and more people are looking for a specialist to help them deal with their excess weight. At Sense Med Concept you can count on the help of specialists as well as the support of a dietician. Based on your test results and history, we will prepare an individual menu for you and advise you on how to eat better to maintain your health, well-being and dream figure. 

A team of doctors, specialists and nurses awaits your visit to help you deal with your ailments and improve your health. If your treatment is prolonged, you can count on further assistance during follow-up visits. This is also the moment when you and your doctor can evaluate the effectiveness of the recommended treatment methods. 

At Sense Med Concept, you will also benefit from qualification for treatment. This is an important procedure for everyone, as it allows you to rule out contraindications, establish a treatment plan and a date for the procedure. Our specialists will ensure that this whole process goes quickly and smoothly, taking care of the professional approach and your comfort.

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