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Dietician consultations and personalised dietary catering at Sense Med Concept

Healthy eating and proper eating habits allow you to enjoy slim silhouette and health. Dieticians at Sense Med Concept will help you achieve your goal. They may prepare an individual diet containing your favorite ingredients and taking into account your energy demand and lifestyle. Our dietary plan contains the necessary nutrients, and the meals are well balanced and varied. 

For people who are busy but want to eat well and take care of their eating habits, we prepared a box diet. Every day we will provide dietary catering directly to your door. As one of the steps to obtain the figure you dreamed of.

Healthy diet

If you want to take care of your health, physical activity must be combined with healthy eating habits. Initially, preparing meals by yourself may be a challenge, which is why we offer dietary consultations at Sense Med Concept to help determine caloric demand and develop a diet plan. 

With the help of a dietician, you can effectively lose weight, shape your silhouette and improve your athletic achievements. Our menu contains delicious recipes and shopping lists to facilitate weight loss or other silhouette goals as much as possible. Much better results can be achieved by using individual recommendations than preparing diets by yourself. We offer dietary advice, as well as follow-up appointments, which are necessary to monitor progress. A very useful indicator is body composition analysis, which allows you to determine areas for improvement. Good nutrition will have a positive effect on the whole body very quickly. Cooperation with our dietician is based on trust and professionalism. 

Specialist consultations

A lot of people struggle with many eating problems every day. Sometimes it is hard to cope with them alone. The clinical nutritionists at Sense Med Concept will help you improve your eating habits. Throughout the whole period, our carer of your goal takes care of small steps such as regular supplementation or inclusion of healthy carbohydrates. 

The help of a dietician is important when you want to switch from unhealthy fasting to properly balanced meals, which are important if you want to lose weight. We know how difficult it is to change your current habits to healthier ones, so we will be happy to facilitate this process.

Dietary catering

In the daily hustle and bustle, it is hard to remember about healthy nutrition. A box diet of a particular caloric value is a solution that will help you take care of regular eating on a daily basis. We can take over your burden of diet planning and provide catering directly to your door. Our meals are made from fresh and natural ingredients, originating from certified crops. We do not use any flavor enhancers or highly processed and unhealthy products. We use seasonal vegetables and fruits, we make sauces and mayonnaise to make sure that our meals are not only tasty, but also prepared with the highest degree of care.

With our help, you will combine regular physical activity with a new diet and see that the effects might surprise you.

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