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Every day our body is exposed to unfavorable factors from the external environment, which results in weakening of the body's regeneration processes with age. This process is also affected by the use of stimulants, poor diet and a non-hygienic lifestyle.

Therefore, the DETOX program (consisting of shots, infusions and soups) contains ingredients designed to slow down the aging process and strengthen immunity.

The SOUP DETOX is a 7-day detoxification program, available in two versions: with meat or vegetarian.

The daily menu contains a “morning” shot, alkaic water, 4 soups of 500ml and an infusion to drink before bedtime. 

In the DETOX program, we use numerous ingredients with regenerating properties protecting the liver cells against toxins.


Garlic - reduces oxidative stress, fatty liver and demonstrates antiviral properties.
Kale and spinach - rich in i.a. lutein and zeaxanthin, protect your vision and reduce the risk of cataract development and the so-called night-blindness.
Beet and beet juice - increases blood flow in the brain and allows the nervous system to function better.
Tomato and carrot - a source of lycopene, which, among others, improves the condition and appearance of the skin.
Nuts - improve circulation by making blood vessel walls more flexible.
Cloves - inhibit the growth of bacteria, show antifungal and antiviral action, and also can protect the liver.
Ginger - has warming and antispasmodic properties, it is well-known for fighting with colds.
Nigella - protects the liver and cleanses from heavy metals.
Fermented foods - support the immune system and demonstrate a beneficial effect on the bacterial flora and digestive processes.

Sample menu

After waking up: Natural Alkaline Water Java pH 9.2 and ginger immune shot
Breakfast: Broccoli and spinach cream soup with white radish and sesame
Second breakfast: Mushroom soup with mozzarella and parsley pesto
Lunch: Turkey and millet soup
Dinner: Carrot, ginger and tofu creamy soup
Before going to bed: Green tea infusion

Who is this program for?

Autumn and winter is a particularly demanding time for our body. Less sunny days, which are a natural source of vitamin D, decrease in temperature and the development of viruses are associated with decreased immunity, poor mood and more frequent diseases.

The Soup Detox program is dedicated to people who want to reduce weight and help their immune system during this particular period.