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Intravenous therapies at Sense Med Concept

Our body often needs a rapid restoration of inner balance, comprehensive strengthening and regeneration - intravenous therapies are the answer to these needs.

Intravenous therapies provide excellent hydration of the body, and thanks to the nutrient content, they improve your health and well-being. Adapted to the patient's needs, intravenous therapies provide a response to vitamin deficiencies, they cleanse the body, improve the functioning of the nervous system, as well as the condition of skin, hair and nails. 
At Sense Med Concept, we know that the body is a great machine that, with proper support, can regenerate itself. Intravenous therapies provide an optimum external support - in line with the holistic treatment in the spirit of the Sense Med Concept philosophy.

Individually developed intravenous therapies

Beneficial effects intravenous therapies

Stressful life in a long term, a diet low in nutrients, the impact of free radicals, heavy metals and various diseases - all of this weakens the body and disrupts its functioning. At Sense Med Concept, we know that effective treatment requires faster regeneration and nutrition of the body. This is why intravenous therapies play an important role in our medical offer.

Intravenous therapy consists in direct administration of liquid containing various beneficial substances, such as, among others, vitamin C, folic acid, alpha lipoic acid. The doctors at Sense Med Concept always adjust the composition of drips individually for the patient's health and needs. Treatment is always preceded by professional diagnostics.

Intravenous therapies are aimed not only at effective administration of nutrients, but also at balancing the hydrolipi balance and protect against pathogens. Intravenous therapies, composed of vitamins, amino acids and other minerals properly profiled by a doctor, act quickly and effectively. Intravenous administration provides better bioavailability, with no loss associated with absorption of nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract.

Intravenous therapies are used in many branches of medicine. At Sense Med Concept, we use them as part of the treatment of various conditions, including nervous system disorders. In cancer patients, intravenous therapy is used as adjunctive therapy or support for the elimination of adverse effects of chemotherapy. In athletes - for faster regeneration after intense physical effort. Intravenous therapy is also an excellent supplement to aesthetic medicine therapies - it contributes to improving appearance, delays the aging process and reduces the effects of stress.

Designed for renewal, regeneration and enhancement, intravenous therapies improve health in a short time and positively influence the patient's well-being. This facilitates further comprehensive treatment at Sense Med Concept - the body is better prepared for it, and the patient is motivated for further action to improve the quality of life!

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