Sense Med Concept Sense Med Concept

Medicine for the future

Sense Med Concept is a holistic medicine for the future. It is an antidote to stress and health problems associated with modern lifestyle. We will show you how to live better and longer by listening to the wisdom of our body. For us nothing happens by chance. All the treatments and procedures that we perform at Sense Med Concept are combined with each other to form one unity. They are the best choice for your healthy lifestyle.

Comprehensive approach to health

We are looking for balance in all spheres and at all levels of your life and health. Our strength is that in one place you will be taken care of by the doctors, aesthetic and regenerative medicine specialists, physiotherapists, sports trainers and dieticians.

Our services

Relaxation zone

Relaxation and regeneration is a way to find inner balance and harmony. This is a recipe for life-long vitality. We care for the well-being of our patients, and that is why we have placed a comfortable Relaxation Zone at their disposal. Here they can take a break at our Herbal Bar and taste the infusions of natural tea leaves and herbs, prepared according to traditional recipes.