Lifestyle Medicine

Daily habits shape our health today and for years to come. That's why we'll help you implement new habits in nutrition, physical activity, body and soul care, giving you the impetus to make changes you'll love.

Diagnostics and holistic approach

At Sense Med Concept, first we analyze your health condition. We conduct an interview andperform diagnostic tests, we analyze your body composition, skin condition and microbiome. We also take a look at your genetic predispositions.

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Health Plans

Our holistic concept of healthy living allows you to create your own personal Health Plan. It will be created together with you by your general practitioner, who will surround you with care and support, referring you to the appropriate tests and to our other specialists. Together with them, you will choose the medical procedures that will allow you to recover and safeguard your body for the future.

Detoks Sense

The first step towards healthy life is cleansing the body. Our body regularly performs the process of detoxification which supports us, but it is increasingly disrupted by the conditions in which we live. Our detoxification method aims at bringing you to a mental and physical balance, thanks to which your body will be able to take full advantage of its natural ability of regeneration and self-healing.

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Optimum diet

Dieting should be a pleasure if it is to accompany us throughout our lives. That is why Sense Med Concept dietitians will prepare for you an optimal menu taking into account not only your energy needs, but also your lifestyle and taste preferences. We will ensure that your menu contains all the necessary nutrients. You can also count on us when you need a special nutritional strategy. If this is the case, we will help you develop a healthy elimination diet. If you need it, we will take care of the daily planning and preparation of your meals, delivering diet catering straight to your door.

Our Partner is Private Chef by Belvedere.

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology

For our patients, we have prepared a wide range of innovative aesthetic medicine treatments, including both care and protocols to prevent premature aging of the skin. We also offer manual therapy treatments and advanced procedures in the field of plastic surgery.

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Physical activity

Knowing how important physical activity is for your health, we have created Sense Studio, where trainers in cooperation with your doctor and physiotherapist will set up a training plan for you. At Sense Studio we offer individual and group training. We have also created a special dedicated area for classical Pilates, which we are particularly fond of.

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Medical SPA and physiotherapy

Renewal and regeneration are our natural needs. The best thing you can offer yourself is time for regular relaxation, which will not only give you a moment's respite but also benefit your health and well-being every day.

Sense SPA is the place where you will find a wide range of massages, physiotherapy, fangotherapy, cosmetology and hydrotherapy treatments. Our physiotherapists will help you with problems related to back pain, work on improving the mobility of your limbs and joints and strengthen your muscle strength.

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