Detoxification method

Our method of detoxification is based on cooperation of many specialists and combining many therapeutic methods, all of which form a single procedure and give a holistic effect of cleansing, detoxifying and stimulating the body's natural regeneration.

At Sense Med Concept, the whole process starts with gathering an in-depth medical history - a medical consultation. Then we examine the level of cellular oxidative stress and work to overcome it through in-depth diagnostics, as well as individually selected intravenous therapies tailored to the needs of each patient.

Our body has incredible detoxifying abilities, and a large part of this process is carried out through the skin, which is our largest organ. Therefore, as a supplement to and stimulation of the entire process, we have included intensive draining massages for the entire the body in our procedure, which cleanse the body of toxins accumulated in the liver and digestive system and of pollution from the external environment. Additional procedures acting directly on the skin include balneological treatments, such as hydrotherapy and fangotherapy, which help the skin to secrete toxins. 

A healthy diet and sports are extremely important elements of the detoxification process. At Sense Med Concept, we offer a dedicated DETOX SENSE diet, which complements the process "from the inside" and helps the body to focus on internal regenerative processes, while not burdening it. At Sense Studioour trainers will suggest a perfectly tailored pilates or yoga training, or individual medical training that will take into account special health needs. 

At Sense Med Concept, you create your own Regeneration Plan, and all of its elements are individually selected for your needs and with the support of a doctor. You can also benefit from ready-made Health Plans that have been designed for the purpose of body regeneration and detox. These are: Detox Sense Plan and Glow Plan.

Regeneration and detoxification for your health

Health plans for detoxification and regeneration

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