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Aesthetic medicine treatments at Sense Med Concept

The real beauty of a human is also what is outside - and aesthetic medicine aims at restoring faith in yourself. Well-being, vitality, harmony - all of this is the effect of taking care of the patient's body from the outside, too. Cosmetology, aesthetic gynaecology, a whole spectrum of treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine - from care to anti-aging - all of this supports the holistic approach to treatment according to the concept by Sense Med Concept.

Aesthetic medicine is based on a personalized program developed by specialists - doctors with many years of experience, relying on global knowledge, using state-of-the-art technologies and innovative methods of treatment. As a result, the procedures are effective and safe.

Learn about our aesthetic medicine treatments

Aesthetic medicine specialists at Sense Med Concept in Warsaw rely on the knowledge in the scope of healthy lifestyle and slow aging medicine. The basis is a good understanding of the patient - that is why we invite you to participate in a medical consultation. During an appointment, the doctor will learn not only about the patient’s needs, but also expectations about the skin, body, wrinkles or general appearance.

The key to success is not only to adapt the procedures in the area of aesthetic medicine to the needs and health condition of each patient, but also to arrange them appropriately over time. Treatments at Sense Med Concept will subtly improve your appearance and enhance your natural beauty!

The aesthetic medicine treatments that fit into the holistic health concept of Sense Med Concept include laser therapy treatments - including the desired treatment of acne, removal of broken capilaries or scar reduction. They also mean mesotherapy, stimulation, botulinum toxin, various types of fillers, depending on your needs. Aesthetic medicine means the removal of wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and other imperfections, treatments with hyaluronic acid, lip filling, hydration, elimination of discoloration and treatment of hyperhidrosis.

Contrary to stereotypes, aesthetic medicine brings comfort not only to the body, but also soul - a new, improved look of the face skin or hair makes us feel better, and this is the basis for effective, comprehensive treatment.

Aesthetic medicine allows you to restore your inner balance - regaining calmness of the body and mind. Thanks to a comprehensive approach and state-of-the-art medical facilities of Sense Med Concept, the offered treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine direct the patients to a new path of caring for their appearance, health and well-being. Their effects exceed their expectations!

Discover the way to your inner and outer beauty with Sense Med Concept aesthetic medicine!

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