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Platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy is a treatment consisting in administration of a fully natural and biocompatible preparation, which is obtained from the patient's blood. Due to its origin, plasmalatelet-rich plasma is bio-inert, therefore it is widely used in aesthetic medicine, especially in patients in whom other preparations cannot be used due to allergies or hypersensitivity. 
Due to the source of origin of the product, platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy also gained the original name of the “vampire lifting”.

Before the treatment, a small amount of blood is collected from the patient, which is then centrifuged in tubes. This allows individual blood components to be separated, including platelet-rich plasma. The resulting substance is characterized by high concentration of platelets, which, after application, stimulate cells to produce collagen and influence the regeneration process. 

Mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma is recommended in skin revitalization treatments and anti-aging prophylaxis, as well as treatments reducing stretch marks and scarring. Platelet-rich plasma is also used in the area of the scalp in patients struggling with alopecia and excessive hair loss. 


  • First signs of skin aging: wrinkles, folds, furrows, decreased skin density
  • Loss of skin elasticity and sagginess of the skin
  • Scars, acne scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Excessive hair loss and alopecia


  • Pregnancy
  • Breast-feeding
  • Neoplastic diseases
  • Blood disorders
  • Inflammation, bacterial and viral infections
  • Use of anticoagulants


Number of recommended treatments in a series: 3-5 treatments every 2-4 weeks. 
The final number of treatments is determined by a doctor based on the patient’s individual needs, skin type and treatment areas. 
Maintenance treatment is recommended every 6 months. 


Type of service:
Prices from*:
Mesotherapy of the eye area
500 PLN
Face needle mesotherapy
600 PLN
Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid
1000 PLN
Hydrolifting mesotherapy
950 PLN
Platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy
900 PLN
Peptide mesotherapy
900 PLN
Glow Mesotherapy
1500 PLN
"Gold" mesotherapy
1400 PLN
Scalp mesotherapy
500 PLN
650 PLN
Injection lipolysis
500 PLN
Enzyme lipolysis
1550 PLN
*Final prices may vary depending on the scope of the service.


The treatment starts with collection of the patient’s blood, which is then subject to the centrifugation process. At the same time, the patient’s treatment site is anesthetized with an anesthetic cream. Next, the doctor injects the plasma using a very thin needle in the selected skin parts. 

The sensations during the treatment are an individual issue dependent on the patient's pain threshold. To reduce any discomfort during the procedure, platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy is performed after previous anaesthesia of the treatment area with anaesthetic cream. 

After the treatment, the skin may be slightly red. Injection sites may be visible. In addition, in some cases bruising may appear. Symptoms should resolve within a few days after the treatment. 

The effect after platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy is an individual issue dependent on the patient's personal circumstances. The effect of the treatment may be influenced by factors such as the severity of the problem, the skin type, and the treatment area.
It is usually recommended to perform 3-5 treatments with a 2-4 week break. The final number of treatments is determined by a doctor who takes into account the patient's expectations and the needs of the skin.

The platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy treatment effect may vary from patient to patient. This is affected by various factors, including age, skin type, health status, type of treatment performed, and the area that is being treated. 
In order to maintain the effect of platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy it is recommended to perform maintenance treatments.

After the treatment, it is worth to focus on gentle care, skin hydration and skin protection by using UV filters. It is not recommended to apply make-up immediately after the treatment. 
You should avoid excessive temperatures, so it is worth to reisgn from a sauna, solarium or hot baths. It is also not advisable to undergo peelings. 

The treatment may be performed on the face, neck, decolettage, hands, scars, stretch marks and scalp.