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Personalised, individualised health plans at Sense Med Concept

The key to better health, balance and well-being is to tailor the therapy to your individual needs. After a professional analysis of diagnostic tests by specialist doctors, a detailed interview and taking into account your preferences, we will offer you an optimal health plan.

Our concept of healthy living is based on a holistic approach. In this way, medical care restores balance in every aspect of life. This individualised therapeutic path allows you not only to regain your health, but also to improve your appearance or raise your self-esteem.

As part of the health plan, the practitioner becomes a guide and companion on the journey to a better, healthier version of you.

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Sense Med Concept's health plans include relaxation, recovery and beauty treatments. With a health plan, you also gain access to a customised diet and training plan. When required, we will launch additional services - such as those related to aesthetic medicine. All for health, harmony and well-being.

When developing a health plan, our specialists have at their disposal the results of laboratory tests, an analysis of body composition, skin condition and information on genetic predispositions. During a joint consultation, they determine the course of action that is optimal for you. The individual plans include medical procedures that will allow you to recover your body and mind quickly and effectively.

When you receive medical care in the spirit of Sense Med Concept, you are assured that your health plan is worked out in every detail. The treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs, as each step is vital in your recovery and well-being.

Health plans are an individual therapeutic path that includes, among other things, detoxification - cleansing the body and providing it with the nutrients it needs. Detox is not only about relaxation and regeneration, but also has a positive effect on the metabolism, among other things.

The next step in the health plan is an optimal diet - the key to a healthy life. Correct nutrition is the signpost to vitality - the menus set within the plan take into account your lifestyle and energy requirements. If you need help preparing balanced meals, we provide diet catering.

An integral companion to the diet is physical activity. As part of our medical care, we provide a wide range of workouts under the guidance of specialists, including a doctor and physiotherapist. In turn, health-promoting and therapeutic treatments await you at our Medical Spa.

Each health plan at Sense Med Concept is individually developed. Instead of ready-made products, we offer medical care based on a deep understanding of each patient's body and spirit needs. We prevent, repair and rejuvenate in harmony with nature and the concept of medicine of the future!

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