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Learn about the Glow Plan at Sense Med Concept

The source of external beauty is the internal balance and efficient functioning of the whole body. We believe that cyclical regeneration helps to maintain radiance and beauty, so we have combined regenerative and detoxifying procedures with beautifying treatments of advanced cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. We achieve a proprietary plan that supports long-lasting results.


  • The plan aims at preparing the skin for cosmetology and aesthetic medicine treatments. The properly moistened skin means better and longer lasting treatment effects.
  • By proper selection of the procedures, we support beautiful appearance and, in the longer perspective, we act preventively, slowing down the aging of the skin. This is all in line with the principle that "skin is a reflection of the soul".

Feel great and release your inner glow!

As part of the Glow Plan we offer services in the field of diagnostics, manual therapy, balneology, diet, intravenous therapy, cosmetology and aesthetic medicine treatments, and selected sports activities. As part of the individualised plan the doctor may combine all the above procedures or, at the request of the patient, only the selected ones. Your treating physician will make sure that, regardless of your choice, your goal as a patient is achieved.

Expected effects of the Glow Plan:

  • slowing down the aging of the skin,
  • increasing the effectiveness of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine treatments,
  • inner balance of the body.

*This is an exemplary plan that will be personalised by the treating physician taking into account the needs of each patient.

Health plans - process and action