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For body and soul

Sense Studio is an intimate boutique place where we nurture body and soul. The unique value of this place is created by experienced trainers who understand the changes in your body at different stages of life.

Personal trainings

At Sense Studio, we will take care of your fitness and achievement of training goals. Our trainers will prepare a training plan for you, adjust the appropriate loads and ranges of motion. They will help you strengthen your muscles, improve motor coordination and mobility. Here you will learn that work on the fascia is very important for your day-to-day functioning. By exercising under the professional supervision of our trainers, you will avoid injuries.

Our trainings


In cooperation with physiotherapists, our trainers also work with people who require rehabilitation training, relieving muscle pain and discomfort. Such activities provide relief for many types of conditions and for people suffering from chronic pain, for example in the spinal area.

Group classes

Body composition analysis

Body composition analysis is an important element of diagnostics during the entire process of implementation of the training plan. It is also an important set of parameters that show your body's baseline status and the changes occurring in your body. In several tens of seconds, we are able to perform a detailed scan of your body, accurately assess the amount of body fat, total muscle mass and body water. Regular measurements allow us to professionally assess the effectiveness of your training plan.

Do you have any questions?

Talk to Marcin Traczyk, our Sense Studio Manager. He will tell you about the services and advise you on choosing the best training.

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