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Imagine that even without leaving the city, you can take a deep breath and take care of yourself just like in a spa resort. Massages, hydrotherapy treatments, natural fangotherapy - all of this for your well-being and health.

Body without tension

Massage can reduce even the most unpleasant muscle tensions. This is a procedure during which any blockades disappear, and you feel relieved and relaxed.

In the Sense SPA offer you will find many types of massages, including anti-cellulite massage, Chinese massage, anti-stress massage, as well as anti-aging face massage and kobido massage. A regular massage not only means a better well-being, but also detoxification of the subcutaneous tissue and anti-aging effects.

Hydrotherapy for health and relaxation

Water has both a relaxing and healing effect. Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of physical therapy. In cases of nervous, locomotor, cardiovascular and respiratory system diseases, it is worth to try e.g. hydromassage. Water-jet massage, on the other hand, stimulates blood circulation in the skin and accelerates metabolism, thus promoting cell regeneration and fat burning.

Regeneration and detoxification in one procedure

Fangotherapy, i.e. treatment with the use of therapeutic mud, is carried out by our therapists on the Thermo-SPA floating bed.

The feeling of weightlessness that you experience makes it easier to enter a state of complete relaxation. For the treatment, we use underwater sediment with properties similar to peat, which contains numerous medicinal substances.

Fangotherapy has a strong regenerating and detoxifying effect, improves skin firmness and elasticity. It causes relief and relaxation.

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