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Aesthetic gynecology procedures and gynecological consultations at Sense Med Concept

The intimate sphere has an extremely important impact on our quality of life. Enjoying pleasure from intimacy with the partner, but also comfort on a daily basis may be disturbed by many factors. In such situations aesthetic gynecology comes to the rescue. The problem of urinary incontinence, too large or asymmetric labia and other medical and aesthetic disorders in the intimate area, symptoms of menopause - many women struggle with such issues by themselves for too long. The task of aesthetic gynecology is to utilise the latest technologies - revitalization, firming, regeneration and many others - in order to improve the patients’ satisfaction with sexual life and increase their self-esteem.

At Sense Med Concept aesthetic gynecology plays an important role in the holistic approach to the health of our patients.

Improve your appearance and health with aesthetic gynecology procedures

Gynecology and aesthetic gynecology at Sense Med Concept is the basis for comprehensive treatment of the patient - regardless of age. This includes not only improving their sexual function and self-esteem, but also strictly medical issues. Every woman should book a gynecological consultation at least once a year. During such an appointment, the doctor assesses changes occurring in the body and also orders preventive examinations such as e.g. cytology.

At Sense Med Concept we offer both gynecological consultations and aesthetic gynecology procedures. An indication for an appointment with a doctor is not only the desire to improve the appearance of reproductive organs, but also, among others, preparation for pregnancy, selection and extension of contraception, infections testor inflammations.

Aesthetic gynecology at our clinic is based on the experience and world-class knowledge of our doctors, as well as on the utilisaton of the state-of-the-art technologies. Aesthetic gynecology procedures are performed in sterile conditions, in the safest and, if possible, the least invasive manner are carried out under local anesthesia or general anaesthesia. All for the maximum comfort of our patients.

One of the basic aesthetic gynecology treatments at Sense Med Concept is mesotherapy. This is the response to the need for firming and increasing the elasticity and hydration of the vagina. The indication includes, among others, stress urinary incontinence. The procedure involves the introduction of a treating agent under the vaginal mucosa. Our specialists recommend it especially to the menopausal women - it not only affects everyday comfort, but also improves sexual function.

Hydration of the intimate area is also ensure in treatments with the use of hyaluronic acid. Revitalisation is possible, e.g. with radiofrequency and teatments with the use of platelet-rich plasma. We remove naevi and scars, e.g. after perineal incision.

Aesthetic gynecology specialists also help patients with the need to change the appearance of their intimate area. Labiaplasty means filling the labia, aligning them, but also reducing the size of the labia majora and minora. At Sense Med Concept, we offer professional procedures such as labiaplasty or vaginoplasty.

Our doctors also perform gynecological procedures which require high degree of precision such as hoodoplasty, i.e. clitoral hood plasty. The excess tissue covering the clitoral hood is removed - the result is a significant improvement in the patient's sexual life.

Experienced aesthetic gynecology specialists take into account not only the medical situation, but also the needs that every patient can express openly at our clinic. Our clinic is a place where your comfort and desires are treated with priority and respect.

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