Treatment of muscle tone
Treatment of muscle tone

Muscle tone and myalgia

Tense muscles and muscle pains are a very common problem nowadays. Their source is stress, fatigue, prolonged sitting or standing, but also abnormal posture and lack of physical activity. High muscle tone, if not diagnosed and corrected in time, can lead to complications, such as ischaemia or damage to ligaments and tendons.

If you have the problem of muscle pain and tension you should see a specialist. The doctor will assess whether other conditions, e.g. neurological conditions, are the cause of your complaints. The therapy will then be adjusted individually to the patient's needs.

Massages are highly effective in treating muscle tone and muscle pain. They relax tight muscles, and at the same time help to relax and relieve stress. Among many different types of treatments for muscle problems, the best effects may be achieved through: Chinese cupping massage, hydrotherapy, phangotherapy or water-jet massage.

There are also many other treatments available at aesthetic medicine clinics, such as alternating heat and cold therapy. Most commonly performed in a water bath, it can be repeated to a certain extent at your own home in a shower.

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