Removal of naevi
Removal of naevi


Naevi are skin defects of varied appearance and nature. We distinguish vascular, melanocytic, adnexal and epidermal naevi. The most common are melanocytic naevi - their amount increases with age. Any lesion that raises concern for the patient should be examined by a dermatologist. Specialists also recommend prophylactic skin examination once a year.

Computer examination of naevi - videodermatoscopy - allows to examine any asymmetry, color heterogeneity, change in diameter, etc. Thanks to such modern equipment, a specialist is able to determine with high accuracy whether a disturbing naevi requires oncological treatment or not.

Harmless naevi can also be disturbing - especially when they are in a visible part of the body. Aesthetic medicine offer effective means of their removal. Laser removal of naevi, especially those of melanocytic nature, prevents the development of other, potentially more dangerous changes. This method allows to reduce even large skin lesions without damaging the healthy tissue.

Micropuncture treatments are also helpful in removal of naevi, as they stimulate regeneration processes in the skin and better circulation. They are characterized by high safety.

Recommended treatments

CO2 laser

Fractional ablative laser. Used to reduce scars, remove lesions and perform resurfacing procedures.  Read more

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