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Cryolipolysis, commonly referred to as fat freezing, is a non-invasive treatment that reduces body fat from different parts of the body through action of low temperatures. 

The procedure is performed with a special device, which affects fat cells through controlled cooling, causing their breakdown. Next, dead fat cells are naturally excreted from the body. 

The treatment is aimed at people who struggle with excess body fat, and traditional exercise and diet do not bring the expected results. 


Modeling and slimming of the body in areas such as:
  • abdomen
  • hips
  • waist
  • back
  • arms
  • thighs
  • area above the knees
  • chin


  • Pregnancy
  • Breast-feeding
  • Pacemaker or other internal electrical devices
  • Altered vascular circulation in the treatment area (varicose veins, phlebitis)
  • Wounds or active dermatological lesions in the treatment area
  • Inflammation, bacterial and viral infections
  • Neoplastic, immunosuppressive, peripheral diseases
  • Periodontal diseases (in the case of facial treatments)


Recommended number of treatments: 3 procedures in series for a specific body part with a 6-8 week break between subsequent treatments. 
The final number of treatments and their frequency is selected by a specialist during an individual consultation. The following factors are important: the treatment site, the amount of body fat and the patient’s expectations.  


Type of service:
Prices from*:
1150 PLN
Body - 1 head
1200 PLN
Body - 2 heads
1800 PLN
*Final prices may vary depending on the scope of the service.


Before the treatment, a specialist performs fat thickness measurements to select appropriate applicators. A protective membrane is then applied and the skin fold is sucked in by an applicator. This process takes about several dozen minutes depending on the treatment area. After sucking in, the skin is massaged with a special massager. 

The sensation of pain varies depending on the individual pain sensitivity of each patient. Due to the low temperature used during the treatment, the patient may feel burning, freezing, stinging. Nevertheless, the treatment is considered as painless and not requiring anaesthesia. 

Due to the mechanism used, directly after the treatment the skin may be reddened. This symptom may persist for up to a few hours after the treatment. In addition, bruising or petechia may occur in the treatment area. The skin may be tender and a tingling sensation may also appear. All of these symptoms should resolve spontaneously within a few days after the treatment.

The effect after cryolipolysis is an individual issue dependent on the patient's personal circumstances. The effect may depend on: the number of treatments performed, location and amount of body fat as well as individual reaction of the body to the treatment. 
It is usually recommended to perform a series of 3 treatments with a 6-8 week break between subsequent treatments. The final number of treatments and their frequency is determined during an individual consultation taking into account the patient’s needs and expectations.

Cryolipolysis does not require a special convalescence period. After the treatment, you should take care of the proper moisturisation of the treatment area and resign from a hot bath, sauna or solarium. It is advisable to apply a balanced diet, hydrate the body and undertake physical activity.
In addition, stimulation of the circulatory system is recommended; therefore, lymphatic drainage may be a good complement to cryolipolysis.