Treatment of dry skin
Treatment of dry skin

Dry skin

Dry skin not only looks unsightly, but also causes discomfort - a feeling of tightness, roughness, and even burning and itching. Additionally, the skin reacts strongly to external factors, e.g. frost or wind. Contrary to what be might expect, the cause of dry skin is not dehydration, but the lack of lipids, and thus the disruption of its barrier function.

A rescue for dry skin is intensive moisturization in an active and passive way. Treatments are aimed at nourishing the skin, its reconstruction and strengthening of the barrier function. You should also remember to protect your dry skin from harmful factors such as sudden changes in temperature, air conditioning or prolonged sunbathing.

Even regular use of moisturizing cosmetics may prove ineffective. To meet the needs of dry skin, aesthetic medicine offers its solutions. A treatment characterised by high efficacy and safety is mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid. This treatment may be combined with Botox.

The treatment of dry skin also involves lifting massages, cavitation peeling or ultrasounds, as well as treatments using non-invasive cosmetology based on specialized active substances increasing the level of skin moisturisation. It is also worth to perform tests, as dry skin may be a symptom of some systemic diseases.

Recommended treatments

‘Gold’ mesotherapy

 This treatment consists in performing patented punctures by means of microchannels, which are additionally covered by 24 carat gold. The procedure is a non-invasive and painless procedure, it is similar to needle mesotherapy. Read more


An all year-round treatment that gives a banquet effect. During the treatment we act on three levels: exfoliating, oxygenating and moisturizing.  Read more

Termolifting with infrared light

The treatment is based on an innovative method, which consists in the action of infrared radiation, which stimulates the skin. In addition, the effect of the treatment is enhanced by the possibility of using water peeling, which allows for better cleansing of the skin during the treatment.  Read more

Chemical peelings

Properly selected chemicals that have a brightening and anti-aging effect.  Read more

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