Erythema treatment
Erythema treatment


Erythema is a local redness of the skin - a symptom very commonly reported by patients in dermatological practices. It affects both adults and children. Erythematous lesions may be caused by local irritation, inflammation, but also skin infections. Redness is caused by dilated capillaries, and thus, more blood flow to the thin blood vessels under the skin surface. It is often accompanied by pain, burning and even inflammation.

In many cases erythematous lesions resolve spontaneously. If this does not happen, appropriate treatment is necessary. Due to possible causes, e.g. liver disease, hormonal changes or rheumatologic diseases, additional tests may be necessary.

Erythema occurring as a result of stress, after physical effort and in other similar situations, preferably should be treated by means of aesthetic medicine solutions. Long-lasting effects are achieved through laser therapy, which gradually reduces redness, and the result lasts for a long time.

Aesthetic medicine offers also other treatments, such as ultrasound treatment, that effectively eliminate erythema.

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