Lips modelling
Lips modelling


The shape and size of the mouth significantly affects the appearance and aesthetics of the entire face. The contemporary beauty canon are full lips with clearly marked contours. Narrow or asymmetric lips, as well as those with poorly marked shape may excite complexes and the need to correct their appearance. Asymmetric lips and atrophy of the red pigment in the lips also occur.

Narrowing of the lips is also the effect of natural aging. The skin becomes wrinkled, and the corners of the mouth may begin to drop, causing an eternally sad or dissatisfied face. The unaesthetic effect is exacerbated by the factors such as smoking, exposure to UV rays, bite defects, or excessively expressive mimics.
Modern aesthetic medicine offers solutions that allow modelling the lips without the use of a scalpel. A safe and popular method is to fill lips with cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

The treatment gives the effect of lip augmentation, highlighting and modelling their shape. Moreover, it allows for enhancement of the red pigment and contour of the lips, raising the corners of the mouth and restore proper hydration of the skin. On the other hand, the result in the form of softness and nutrition of the lips is achieved through mesotherapy.

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