Excess body fat
Excess body fat

Adipose tissue localized places difficult to reach

In a healthy person the amount of body fat should not exceed 20% of body weight. This tissue occurs in virtually every part of the body, but most of it is located on the abdomen, thighs, arms and chest. Medicine distinguishes brown and white adipose tissue. The latter is responsible for excess weight and obesity.

The fight against body fat is based on a balanced diet and regular physical activity. Proper hydration, adequate sleep and avoidance of stress also affect its reduction. However, in spite of the efforts the adipose tissue located in difficult places does not disappear. In such cases, it is worth trying out the benefits of aesthetic medicine.

Liposuction, commonly referred to as lipo, is the most famous procedure to reduce excess body fat. Among modern treatments, it is worth mentioning endermology, i.e. vacuum massage, which additionally relaxes the muscles and brings relief.

The high efficacy is also typical of controlled cooling - cryolipolysis, which destroys fat tissue and models the silhouette. Other treatments include the use of acoustic waves or reducing excess body fat by means of a laser.

Recommended treatments

Injection lipolysis

A treatment consisting in administration of a suitable product that causes the breakdown of fat cells. It is especially recommended for people who are struggling with adipose tissue localized in places where it is hard to lose it.  Read more

Reduction of body fat with microwaves

This is a device that utilizes the Coolwaves technology. This technology allows to reduce body fat, especially located in diffcult places. The treatment is painless, not requiring a period of recovery.  Read more

Radio wave silhouette modelling

This device uses the tripolar radio wave, so it works at different tissue depths. It is used for treatments that are an element of body modelling and reducing unnecessary body fat. In addition, this treatment also helps to improve skin firmness.  Read more


During the traetment, controlled cooling occurs, which leads to apoptosis of fat cells.  Read more

Shockwave therapy for skin firmness

This is a therapy that uses acoustic waves, which act effectively in the scope of removal of cellulite and local excess body fat. The result of the treatment is silhouette modeling, improvement of skin firmness and muscle stimulation.  Read more

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