Treatment of cellulite
Treatment of cellulite


Lipodystrophy, a term used in medical literature for cellulite, is an abnormal fat distribution. This skin disorder leads to changes in skin appearance. Unsightly changes in the subcutaneous tissue may be visible to the naked eye or only after a pinching of the skin fold.

Cellulite affects women first of all - its occurrence is related to estrogen secretion. Contrary to what we might expect, not only those who are overweight struggle with the problem, but also the slim. However, it is promoted by factors such as poor physical activity, sedentary lifestyle or weight fluctuations.

The basis for the fight against cellulite is a healthy diet and physical activity. Professional stimulation treatments performed at aesthetic medicine clinic can deal with the removal of toxins responsible for the formation of cellulite, unlike creams and lotions.
Peelings are also effective in the fight against cellulite - they help normalize processes in subcutaneous tissue, as well as massages, including lymphatic drainage and vacuum massage. Patients who want to have a lasting effect may choose to undergo mesotherapy or treatment with microwave technology. Regardless of the selected method, removal of cellulite requires repeated treatments.

Recommended treatments

Injection lipolysis

A treatment consisting in administration of a suitable product that causes the breakdown of fat cells. It is especially recommended for people who are struggling with adipose tissue localized in places where it is hard to lose it.  Read more

Reduction of body fat with microwaves

This is a device that utilizes the Coolwaves technology. This technology allows to reduce body fat, especially located in diffcult places. The treatment is painless, not requiring a period of recovery.  Read more


During the traetment, controlled cooling occurs, which leads to apoptosis of fat cells.  Read more

Shockwave therapy for skin firmness

This is a therapy that uses acoustic waves, which act effectively in the scope of removal of cellulite and local excess body fat. The result of the treatment is silhouette modeling, improvement of skin firmness and muscle stimulation.  Read more

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