Removal of hyperpigmentation
Removal of hyperpigmentation


Hyperpigmentation covers all kinds of skin color changes. Darker freckles, dots or or more extensive spots are caused by sunlight. In women over 40 years of age, the appearance of hyperpigmentation is usually associated with hormonal changes.

A specific variety of hyperpigmentation are the so-called lentigo spots caused as a result of a natural aging process. They are promoted by the exposure of the skin to UV rays. Changes in skin colour may also be caused by inflammation and may arise as a result of medication and some herbs.

Removal of hyperpigmentation at home is not always safe, and rarely effective. Specialist creams for reduction of hyperpigmentation are available at pharmacies, including azelaic acid, vitamin A derivatives and fruit acids. They cause the reduction of melanin, a pigment naturally occurring in the skin; when there is too much if this pigmentation in the skin, this may lead to hyperpigmentation.

Aesthetic medicine offers solutions that bring a lasting effect in removing hyperpigmentation. Chemical peelings have an exfoliating effect, and in the long run - they regenreate the skin. Depending on the needs, peeling works on the top or deeper layers of the skin. In the case of laser removal of hiperpigmentation, the effects may be visible already after the first session. The laser beam acts on the cells in which there is too much pigment, eliminating them, thus evening out the skin tone.

Recommended treatments

Laser platform

Laser platform is a multi-functional device that allows you to combine different types of lasers and technology during a single procedure.  Read more

Thulium laser

Subablative laser applied in aesthetic medicine. It is used to reduce hyperpigmentation, scars, visibility of enlarged pores and resurfacing. The recovery period after the procedure is shortened, and the effect of a “baby face" is visible more quickly.  Read more

CO2 laser

Fractional ablative laser. Used to reduce scars, remove lesions and perform resurfacing procedures.  Read more


An all year-round treatment that gives a banquet effect. During the treatment we act on three levels: exfoliating, oxygenating and moisturizing.  Read more

Microneedle mesotherapy

A medical device that performs treatments by means of micropunctures. The effect of the treatment may be enriched with the additional of dedicated cosmetics. It is used for stimulation of collagen production. Read more

Chemical peelings

Properly selected chemicals that have a brightening and anti-aging effect.  Read more

Medical lamp phototherapy

Medical lamp using regeneration and healing properties of lights of different lengths. Read more

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