Body modeling
Body modeling

Sagging skin

The perfect figure is the dream of many people. However, the body fat deposited in unwanted parts can effectively reduce self-esteem and self-confidence. An excess of the body fat around the thighs (the so-called breeches), saggy skin in the area of rarely used triceps (the so-called pelicans) - these are only some flaws of a sihouette that can be effectively eliminated.

With age, the skin loses elasticity, which changes the shape of the whole body. A typical problem is also the so-called postpartum belly - in many cases it is not only an aesthetic, but also a medical problem. Stretching of the straight muscle of abdomen sometimes requires surgical intervention.

Body modeling with exercises gives satisfactory and long-lasting effects. However, the aesthetic medicine solutions provide a quick result. Lifting of the thighs or arms significantly improves skin elasticity, while the vacuum massage allows to reduce body fat and smooth the cellulite.

Aesthetic medicine offers many advanced treatments, such as ultrasound therapy, using tripolar radio wave technology or acoustic waves, as well as laser treatment. Controlled cooling - cryolipolysis, which allows for effective body modeling, also brings good results.

Recommended treatments

Injection lipolysis

A treatment consisting in administration of a suitable product that causes the breakdown of fat cells. It is especially recommended for people who are struggling with adipose tissue localized in places where it is hard to lose it.  Read more

Reduction of body fat with microwaves

This is a device that utilizes the Coolwaves technology. This technology allows to reduce body fat, especially located in diffcult places. The treatment is painless, not requiring a period of recovery.  Read more

Radio wave silhouette modelling

This device uses the tripolar radio wave, so it works at different tissue depths. It is used for treatments that are an element of body modelling and reducing unnecessary body fat. In addition, this treatment also helps to improve skin firmness.  Read more


During the traetment, controlled cooling occurs, which leads to apoptosis of fat cells.  Read more

Radiofrequency microneedling

A treatment consisting in the combination of radiofrequency and microneedle procedure. As a result, the skin is double stimulated, through programmed damage and stimulation with eclectic current. 
This treatment is used to reduce scars and enlarged pores. 
  Read more

Shockwave therapy for skin firmness

This is a therapy that uses acoustic waves, which act effectively in the scope of removal of cellulite and local excess body fat. The result of the treatment is silhouette modeling, improvement of skin firmness and muscle stimulation.  Read more

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