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Healthy body shaping without side effects? Yes! Learn about the effects of microwaves on fat tissue

What to do when even an optimally adjusted diet and regular physical activity do not have the expected effect? How do you get rid of unwanted body fat? Body shaping treatments can help. Find out how to achieve natural body shaping without a scalpel and long-term convalescence.

Fighting body fat - what is bodyforming?

Body shaping, also known as bodyforming, is nothing more than getting rid of fatty tissue located in areas resistant to exercise and diet. It is important to remember that in the healthy version of aesthetic medicine, a balanced diet and physical activity are the basis for reducing body fat and maintaining a slim figure.

Aesthetic medicine, together with body shaping treatments, enters the picture when fat tissue located in specific body parts cannot be reduced with the help of diet and exercise. Genetic predisposition, hormonal disorders, age, but also chronic stress or medication may come into play - factors that are very difficult to eliminate.

Properly selected body shaping treatments allow the removal of resistant fat cells. They support the fight against cellulite and, as a result, also have a firming effect on the body.

Body shaping treatments - take advantage of the benefits of nature!

The Sense Med Concept body shaping studio uses slimming, firming and collagen-promoting treatments based on mechanisms from nature. Thanks to this, they not only bring the expected effect - they allow to get rid of unwanted fat and support the fight against cellulite, but also provide the Patient with comfort due to the lack of side effects and convalescence period.

Of course, the removal of fat cells from the subcutaneous tissue using body contouring devices requires consultation with a doctor. Patients of Sense Med Concept can count on such support.

Microwave fat reduction

Selective female or male body contouring with cold microwaves is an innovative solution to get rid of excess fat from the thighs, abdomen, arms, buttocks and flanks. One of the available heads of the microwave body contouring device allows to get rid of unwanted fat cells also from the chin.

The 2.45 GHz high-frequency microwaves work on almost the entire subcutaneous fat layer. This is the optimum frequency to maintain the neutral temperature of the outer skin layer. For such microwave parameters, the skin tissue remains virtually 'transparent', so that its coolness is preserved.

Microwave fat reduction is a painless body contouring treatment. Maximum comfort is provided by two additional heads with a contact cooling system. Cold microwaves do not require a period of convalescence.

This state-of-the-art treatment performed at the body shaping studio is not only about reducing localised fat, but also breaking up cellulite and firming the skin. The first effect is possible thanks to a dedicated head that acts more shallowly on fat cells. The second, on the other hand, is due to the induction of collagen fibre contraction and subsequent stimulation of new collagen.


Controlled cooling, or cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive process that allows the reduction of excess fat. Using special body contouring equipment, the body is exposed to a temperature of -10°C, which causes the selective breakdown of fat cells.

Prior to the treatment, a cooling gel pad is applied to selected areas of the body. The fat cells are then broken down using the head. Cryolipolysis proves particularly effective in modelling the buttocks, waist, hips, but also the arms and chin, among others. The fat cells are eliminated naturally and the patient does not require a period of convalescence.


In aesthetic medicine, endermologie is one of the bodyforming methods of choice. The treatment involves mechanical stimulation of the skin to restore normal cell metabolism. It is not a typical fat-reducing procedure - rather, it is a solution for people who are looking for a way to shape the silhouette while completely preserving the body's natural biological balance.

Endermologie supports the release of fat, while leading to skin firming and cellulite reduction. Thanks to the individual adjustment of the device's parameters, the treatment achieves results that are optimal for the patient.

Shockwave skin tightening

Among treatments that aid weight loss, increase skin tone and reduce cellulite, shock wave skin firming is worth mentioning. The use of acoustic wave technology is a method that has been known in aesthetic medicine for years. During the treatment, the connective tissue is relaxed while the firmness of the epidermis is increased. Blood circulation in the tissues is improved and stubborn fat cells located, among others, in the subcutaneous tissue are reduced in volume.

Thanks to the shockwave skin firming treatment, compacted fat tissue located in resistant areas is reduced. This type of body shaping equipment also allows to get rid of fibrotic cellulite, difficult to remove by other methods.

Interestingly, this treatment can be combined with endermology, among others, which will contribute to a faster reduction of excess fat. It is an intensive, natural therapy that does not require a period of convalescence.

Scottish whips

Aesthetic medicine is supported by all-natural firming treatments known for thousands of years that use the beneficial effects of water. One of the most popular is Scottish whips. The treatment involves subjecting the body to streams of water of varying temperature and pressure.

Scottish whips improve lymph circulation, leading not only to an increase in skin tone, but also to an acceleration of the metabolism. The treatment also has a positive effect on other aspects of the body's functioning - including reducing muscle tension, speeding up breathing and improving oxygenation.

It should be remembered, however, that hydrotherapy slimming treatments have an intensive effect, which is why a medical consultation is necessary before opting for them.

At Sense Med Concept, slimming treatments are performed under the watchful eye of specialists. A holistic approach allows us to take care of the patient comprehensively - using not only treatments, but also body shaping training or individually determined menu.

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