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When you look menacing, but you are not like that at all, or how a lion’s wrinkle is formed

It occurs in people with a highly expressive face and, like other mimic wrinkles, it is difficult to eliminate at home. It is known as a lion’s wrinkle. Boto x or hyaluronic acid,or maybe laser? Find out how to eliminate a lion’s wrinkle!

When you look menacing, but you are not like that at all, or how a lion’s wrinkle is formed

A lion’s wrinkle is a furrow - a single or double line - visible between the eyebrows, at the top of the nose. Initially, it is discreet and poorly visible. However, with age and loss of collagen and the elastin and hyaluronic acid found in our skin, it becomes more noticeable and start to be disturbing.

Of course, a lion’s wrinkle does not appear in every person. What does such shape of the skin on the face tell us? It does not necessarily mean a hot-tempered personality! A lion’s wrinkle is a mimic wrinkle - it is formed, among others, by a small muscle causing the brows to frown. It appears in patients with expressive facial mimics. Its formation is also facilitated by stress, cigarette smoking, the impact of sunlight, but also genetic conditions and improper positioning of the head during sleep (the one during which the skin wrinkles).

Prevention better than treatment, or how to prevent a lion’s wrinkle

How to remove the lion’s wrinkle at an early stage when it is not well visible yet? First of all, take care of proper hydration of the skin - from the outside and from the inside. A good cream for a lion’s wrinkle is primarily a moisturizer. It is also a UV filter cream that protects the skin from harmful sunlight. 

A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are also of great importance. Intake of adequate amounts of fluids, eating foods rich in antioxidants, avoiding harmful addictions - this is the basis for preventing any wrinkles. It will also support the prevention of a lion’s wrinkle.

Relaxation exercises for wrinkles will also be helpful. It is also worth sleeping on the back in such a way that the skin on the forehead does not frown.

A lion’s wrinkle - treatments that bring effects!

Effective removal of small wrinkles at home, although it will slightly improve the appearance of the skin, will not help to get rid of unwanted furrows. How to eliminate a lion’s wrinkle? At Sense Med Concept, we offer effective and non-invasive treatments to our patients.

A lion’s wrinkle - treatments that actually bring effects:

Botox for wrinkles

Botox for a lion’s wrinkle, that is the use of botulinum toxin, is a popular method to get rid of this problem. It consists in injecting the purified form of botulinum toxin type A into the muscles under the skin. As a result, tension is reduced and mimic muscle contractility is reduced, so the lesions on the skin do not persist. The effects of Botox for a lion’s wrinkle are visible already 2-3 days after the first injection. The furrows are smoothed, and the skin looks much better. The full extent of the result will be noticed about 10-14 days after applying Botox.

At Sense Med Concept, the elimination of a lion’s wrinkle is carried out by means of preparations containing botulinum toxin type A. The doctor individually determines the doses, so that the effects of the procedure are optimum. When the lion’s wrinkle begins to be visible on the skin again, the procedure can be repeated. The result lasts for about 6 months.

Kobido massage

Kobido massage proves to be an extremely effective natural way to smooth the skin, including a lion’s wrinkle. It affects the deep structure of the skin. Performed according to strict rules, slow and careful movements are aimed to bring relief and relax the patient. On the other hand, the fast, intense and deep movements stimulate the skin to produce the ingredients needed to achieve the lifting effect.

After Kobido massage, the lion’s wrinkles become smooth and less visible. This is because the massage reduces muscle tone, and consequently, it also contributes to reducing mimic wrinkles.

Removal of a lion’s wrinkle is a treatment that is consistent with the spirit of holistic medicine by Sense Med Concept. Creams and oils used during the massage moisturize and nourish the skin of the face.

Face modeling massage

If you are wondering how to eliminate a lion’s wrinkle in a completely natural way, try a face modeling massage. This is a lifting and rejuvenating therapy, consistent with the holistic approach to care of the spirit and body. Thanks to this multifaceted multitherapy, facial tension increases, wrinkles reduce, and circulation improves. Face modeling is a method based on deep massage of the tissues. At Sense Med Concept, we offer it to patients looking for a comprehensive renovation using non-invasive treatments.

Thulium laser

Used, among other things, to remove small furrows on the skin - such as a lion’s wrinkle - a thulium laser brings results after the first treatment! It is one of the most delicate types of laser - it does not require a recovery period, but at the same time it is characterized by high efficiency.

The thulium laser combines the features of ablative and non-ablative technologies. Deep penetration of the skin and delivery of high energy to it allows for remodelling of the tissue structure. The skin becomes more elastic and tense, and the previously occurring imperfections disappear. The effect of removing a lion’s wrinkle with a laser lasts for about 8 weeks.

When it comes to removal of a lion’s wrinkle with laser, it turns that the price is comparable to other, often less effective treatments.

Needle mesotherapy

Reduction of a lion’s wrinkle with a regenerative, moisturizing and nourishing product is a known and valued method for reducing unwanted furrows. As part of comprehensive care at Sense Med Concept, we offer hydrolifting mesotherapy - the hyaluronic acid contained in the products applied for a lion’s wrinkle not only causes it reduction, but also gives the skin a fresh, radiant appearance. The calcium hydroxyapatite contained in it results in additional stimulation of the skin. 

How to get rid of a lion’s wrinkle?

The above descriptions do not constitute an exhaustive catalogue of treatments used to reduce or fill in a lion’s wrinkle. Other equally effective ones include Dermapen and Virtue RF, as well as treatments with the use of fillers. At Sense Med Concept, we will take care of your skin in a comprehensive way and adjust the right method in accordance with your requirements.


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Article by Sense Med Concept

Medical revision: Beata Jasica

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