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How the laser wins the race against time, or face resurfacing

With age, the facial skin loses its attractive appearance - wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and other unwanted changes appear. It turns out that the solution to this is a professionally performed face resurfacing. How is this treatment performed? Which laser to choose? Check out the state-of-the-art skin resurfacing laser techniques.

Help for the aging skin... and more!

The desire to maintain a young look accompanies us throughout our whole life. Unfortunately, factors such as environmental pollution, UV rays, but also the loss of collagen with age, makes the skin of the face lose its properties. Face resurfacing allows to restore its young, beautiful appearance. Thanks to the use of innovative laser face resurfacing techniques, so-called skin resurfacing, amethod of maintaining attractive appearance.

Laser resurfacing is a treatment recommended for patients struggling with saggyskin, loss of firmness, elasticity, dull skin. Thanks this treatment you will observe a significant reduction of acne and postoperative scars, wrinkles and furrows. Resurfacing will be helpful if you struggle with hyperpigmentaiton after summer, but also the earthly and dull skin.

What is face resurfacing?

Skin resurfacing consists in removal of its top layer. Microscopic laser beams have an effect on the skin, causing a thermal effect. As a result, both the epidermis and the dermis evaporate. Thanks to this process, the laser creates microcolumns of damage with the remaining undamaged skin between them. This condition accelerates the healing process, and also stimulates the production of elastin and collagen - substances extremely important for facial skin reconstruction and regeneration. 

The face resurfacing treatment lasts about 40 minutes. Before the treatment, the treatment area is obviously anesthetized. At Sense Med Concept we use special creams for this purpose. On the other hand, after skin resurfacing, a cream containing regenerative and protective ingredients is applied to the skin.

The optimum choice of laser for face resurfacing - reviews do matter!

Long gone are the days when beauty salons had one universal laser. As a Sense Med Concept patient, you are given a choice between different types of devices and treatments with different course and effectiveness - we will help you choose the right one!

Thulium laser

Resurfacing with a thulium laser is an extremely gentle procedure, which results in shortening the recovery period. This laser penetrates deep into the skin, providing a lot of energy, allowing for deep remodelling. As it targets the layer between the epidermis and the dermis, it retains the stratum corneum of the epidermis and minimizes the risk of side effects.

Face resurfacing performed with the use of a thulium laser brings effects immediately after the first treatment. The skin becomes more elastic and tense, which is possible due to its deep remodelling. Resurfacing is valued by the patients struggling with uneven skin tone, loss of elasticity, minor wrinkles and other imperfections.

CO2 laser 

Resurfacing withan ablative CO2 laser stimulates faster and more active collagen production. This innovative device creates multiple microdamages. The treatment consists in delivering high heat energy to the tissues, thanks to which new collagen fibers form, and the top layer of the epidermis evaporates.

When using a CO2 laser, the effects become visible after several days. But you will feel the positive effects for months! The skin resurfacing method is valueed by patients struggling with the problem of low elasticity of the skin, pigmentation changes, sun damage, etc.

Multifunctional laser treatment 

Laser face resurfacing with the use of a multifunctional laser is an innovative solution bringing satisfactory results. The platform combines up to three types of lasers. During one proceudre, different types of treatments may be combined, which allows to adjust the final effect to the individual needs of the patient!

Face resurfacing with th euse of a multifunctional laser allows, among others, to remove hyperpigmentation changes, even those in the deep layers of the skin, even out the skin tone or reduce scars.

When it comes to the price of face resurfacing, it depends largely on the type of laser, the range of treatment and the number of repetitions.

Recover the beautiful looks and well-being!

At Sense Med Concept we take care of our patients in a comprehensive way. If you do not decide to choose a resurfacing laser, you can choose from other treatments such as chemical peeling or microneedle radiofrequency. Regardless of your decision, you will take optimum care of your appearance in the spirit of holistic medicine - aimed at achieving a vital balance of body and spirit.


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Article by Sense Med Concept

Medical revision: Beata Jasica

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