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Removing stretch marks - with laser but not only! Learn about 7 treatments

They do not hurt or cause harm, and they are invisible under the clothes - these are stretch marks, unsightly white scars on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, and in men even on biceps! Although they do not threaten our health, most of us want to get rid of them. We checked which stretch mark removal treatments have a really satisfactory effect.

Tight skin, i.e. how stretch marks are formed

Stretch marks are a kind of elongated scars - skin lesions that are caused by cracks caused by mechanical damage (sudden stretching of the skin) or hormonal disorders. Their formation is usually an imperceptible process - although it may happen that just before breaking of the skin, you may feel its tension or itching.

The cause of formation and need to remove stretch marks may be genetic predispositions - a lower content of elastic fibres in the skin. In addition, hormones typical for puberty, pregnancy and weight gain are responsible for skin lesions. This is why stretch marks appear in different types of people - also young and slim. Not only women, but also men, book treatments for removal of stretch marks. In men these scars more often are located on the back, biceps, or shoulders. On the other hand, female patients usually look for ways to remove stretch marks on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and breasts.

Fighting time - is it effective to remove stretch marks at home?

The formation of stretch marks occurs in two phases. The first one, known as inflammatory phase, is characterized by swelling on the skin and local inflammation around the lesion. In the second one, known as scarring phase, the epidermis becomes thin, the skin becomes pale, and the stretch marks begin to resemble a scar.

Removal of stretch marks at home will generally only be effective in the first phase. The visibility of new scars can be reduced by applying e.g. coffee peeling or special cosmetics to reduce stretch marks. Unfortunately, once damaged skin will never regain its previous appearance. Home remedies for removal of stretch marks can only smooth the skin, moisten it and refresh its appearance. On the other hand, removal of old stretch marks in this way is practically impossible. Dedicated aesthetic medicine treatments come to your aid.

Stretch mark removal treatments

The most popular laser stretch mark removal is an effective, but not the only way to get rid of white scars. Sense Med Concept is a place where a type of stretch mark removal procedure will be adjusted to the condition and needs of your skin. Below you can find a list of methods valued by the patients.

Multifunctional laser treatment

Removal of stretch marks with a multifunctional laser is carried out using one of the three lasers available in this innovative platform. The Pixel Er:YAG head, essentially dedicated to removal of hyperpigmentation and evening out the skin tome, also reduces stretch marks and scars. Laser stretch removal results in a significant reduction in their visibility, as well as rejuvenation of the skin, improving its density and firmness, and evening out its tone.

CO2 laser treatment

CO2 ablative laser delivers high heat energy to the tissues, which stimulates the production of new collagen fibers. It is thanks to this property that this stretch mark removal device has proven to be effective even with scarring of many years. In addition, ablative action allows evaporation of the top layer of the epidermis.

Thulium laser treatment

Removal of strech marks with a subablative laser  owes its effectiveness to its deep penetration properties and delivery of energy deep into the skin, and thus remodelling its structure. Thulium laser has a gentle effect, which significantly shortens the recovery period, while the effects of stretch mark removal can be seen already after one treatment. It not only helps to reduce scars, but also to even out the skin tone and increase the elasticity of the skin.

Tissue stimulation

Tissue stimulator is a preparation with unique formula, which works by stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin. These proteins - responsible for skin density and firmness - restore the skin elasticity and smoothness. Removal of stretch marks through tissue stimulation brings a natural effect of rejuvenation and refreshment of the skin.

Microneedle mesotherapy

The stretch mark removal device - microneedle mesotherapy - performs controlled skin damages. Micropunctures stimulate regeneration processes in the skin, as well as increase the production of collagen and elastin. Dermapen supports the self-renewal process of the skin, bringing visible effects in the removal of stretch marks on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and other parts of the body.

Radiofrequency microneedling

A combination of microneedling with radio waves is characterized by high efficiency in the removal of stretch marks. The treatment itself stimulates the natural production of collagen, and by providing heat energy to the right depth, additional stimulation of elastin and collagen is possible. The result is a reduction of stretch marks, increasing skin density and evening out its structure, as well as firming and rejuvenation.

Chemical peeling

The treatment of stretch marks using a chemical peeling is based on the action of chemicals applied to achieve controlled skin exfoliation. As a result, it is not only smooth and refreshed, but also more elastic. Reduction of stretch marks requires a deep peeling.

These are just a few of many treatments aimed at removing stretch marks performed at Sense Med Concept. In the spirit of a holistic approach to health, the need to feel attractive is particularly appreciated. It is definitely worth using professional help in restoring the previous look and freshness of the skin.

Article by Sense Med Concept

medical revision: Beata Jasica


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