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Laser epilation - an effect that lasts forever! Learn about innovative methods for hair removal

Regular removal of unwanted hair can be really troublesome. If you want to maintain hygiene and an aesthetic, attractive look every day, the solution for you is laser epilation. What are the effects? Is it painful? Learn about innovative laser methods!

When you are fed up with shaving, or indications for laser epilation

Laser epilation of the face, legs, armpits and other parts of our body is a solution for people who want to get rid of unwanted hair once and forever. Traditionally, it was recommended primarily to patients with dark hair and bright skin, due to the specific action of the laser aimed at melanin. Today, however, Sense Med Concept has modern devices that do not have such restrictions. Laser epilation performed here is also effective in women and men with brighter hair.

Laser epilation is in line with the holistic approach to health. Taking care of yourself according to this principle assumes not only a balanced diet, physical activity and comprehensive medical care, but also care for physical attractiveness. When you feel well in your own body, it is easier for you to recover energy, life balance, and feel happy on a daily basis.

Laser epilation - contraindications

Like any cosmetic treatment, laser epilation has its contraindications. First of all, it is not performed in pregnant or breastfeeding women - due to the lack of studies confirming its safety. Contraindications include also infectious diseases, active skin infections, colds and fever. Even if the patients no longer have any symptoms of the disease, they should not decide on laser epilation while taking an antibiotic and up to two weeks after the end of antibiotic therapy.

Laser epilation should not be used in patients during the oncological treatment period. The skin is then extremely sensitive, and the laser action could cause lesions which would be hard to remove. Patients with neoplastic diseases also struggle with immunodeficiency, which is a contraindication to laser epilation. At Sense Med Concept, we do not perform such treatments in people with uncontrolled diabetes or those suffering from epilepsy.

Laser epilation must not be performed on freshly tanned skin. Therefore, this treatment may be performed at least 4 weeks after sun exposure. The solution may also be to plan epilation for autumn or winter months. An exception is the parts of the body generally not exposed to sunlight. Laser epilation of the armpit or bikini area can be successfully performed at any time of the year.

Goodbye to hair, or how the epilation process takes place

When searching for the answer to the question "laser epilation - what is it?" you will find a description of different procedures. Of course there are similarities between them, but there are no less differences. It basically uses a light beam that damages the hair follicle. This energy detects hair melanin and penetrates with great force into it, damaging everything that surrounds it.

Due to the fact that at the time of laser epilation individual hairs are in different phases of growth, the treatment needs to be repeated. Only this way you will get rid of unwanted hair.

Laser epilation: how many treatments need to be performed? This depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. Some patients see treatment effects already after 6 treatments. However, more treatments may be needed. The optimum effect will be achieved after 6 treatments performed at a monthly interval.

Laser epilation versus laser depilation  - how do they differ?

The terms ‘epilation’ and ‘depilation’ are used interchangeably. However, there are significant differences between them. First of all, laser epilation gives a lasting effect - after several repeated procedures, the individual hairs together with the follicle are removed forever. Depilation, however, allows to get rid of unwanted hair only for a while. Even wax depilation performed by a cosmetologist gives an effect for a maximum of a few weeks.

It is a common error to use the term ‘laser depilation’.  Hair removal with laser is called epilation. 

Laser epilation - which laser? 

At Sense Med Concept we offer you comprehensive care. We use only the highest quality devices for laser epilation. The laser epilation treatment uses a platform with a head with a treatment dimensions of as many as 4 cm2. This makes you spend less time on a treatment seat. Comfort will be ensured by the ICE Plus system, which cools the skin in a continuous manner and facilitates temperature regulation.

The laser has three lengths of laser beam operation. As a result, waves act on hair structures located at different depths. With such laser epilation, the effects are more permanent even with light skin phototypes.

When it comes to laser epilation in Warsaw, prices are very diverse. Check out the offer at Sense Med Concept and we will adjust the treatment to your needs!


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Article by Sense Med Concept

Medical revision: Beata Jasica

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