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Pilates on reformers - an effective and enjoyed way to achieve a good condition of body and mind!

As one of the few physical activities, pilates brings benefits both to the body, mind and spirit. What is the phenomenon of these light, calm exercises about? How does pilates on reformers differ from a mat workout? See if this training is just for you!

Exercising and relaxing, or where does the phenomena of pilates come from?

Created at the beginning of the 20th century by the athlete Josef Humbertus Pilates, this versatile system of exercises has experienced a true boom in popularity in our times. The pilates training has become an inspiration for many other forms of sports - gymnastics, yoga, and even ballet and tai-chi. One of the greatest advantages of this kind of training is its versatility. This is not a training for young and fit people only. The pilates exercises may be performed by people of all ages (even children!), struggling with various diseases, regardless of body weight. Pilates is also available for pregnant women - such activity is recommended during every trimester of pregnancy!

Pilates - exercises on the spine and strengthening all muscle groups - is consistent with the concept of a holistic approach to health by Sense Med Concept. Training not only brings improvements in physical condition and well-being, but also relaxes, relieves tension and promotes regeneration. Many patients compare the effects of pilates to relaxing activities that are designed to relax and restore the inner balance. As a result, these exercises are perfect as part of the therapy of patients struggling with emotional problems.

What is pilates? 6 basic principles

No matter which pilates course you choose - a lighter version, designed for people with reduced fitness, or maybe for professional athletes performing e.g. martial arts - the training will be based on 6 basic principles.

The first one is about breathing. A breath must be deep, slow, engaging lower ribs. You should breathe in through the nose and breathe out through your mouth. For pilates to bring the expected results for both men and women, concentration is necessary - consciously perform every movement, quietly and slowly. Control is extremely important here - awareness of your own body in space, combined with focus on proper breathing.

The fourth rule is centering - each pilates exercise begins with activation of the abdominal muscles. Flow of movement is of paramount importance to achieving a sense of harmony and balance.  Precision (and not as many repetitions as possible) is very important in the process of activating deep muscles.

Benefits for the body and spirit, or what are the advantages of pilates?

Pilates is one of the few activities that fully engage both the body and mind. No wonder, therefore, that the benefits are felt by both our physical and spiritual part. One of the advantages often mentioned by patients regularly performing pilates is the relief of pain in the musculoskeletal system.

Pilates participants also notice positive effects as regards proper body posture, increased joint mobility and muscle elasticity, reduced back pain and increased muscle strength and endurance. The unquestionable health benefit of the pilates exercises is improvement of blood circulation and correction of abnormal movement patterns.

We should not underestimate the spiritual benefits of such training. Pilates helps to cope with stress, improves vitality, increases energy levels, allows you to just feel better and look better.

It may be even better! Pilates on reformers

Pilates on machines is an advanced alternative to mat workout. An entire range of different systems is used: ladder barrels, so-called chairs or reformers. The latter may be additionally equipped with many additional functional elements, such as boxand tower, or jump board.

Pilates on reformers is becoming an increasingly popular training. It is one of the most versatile machines. It is a type of bed with a moving trolley and a spring system that helps work on the strength and flexibility of the body. Pilates on machines does not replace a mat workout - it is rather an integral part of the system. It allows you to feel your body during movement in a different way. In addition, the use of springs and a trolley strengthens and stretches the muscles more efficiently. Pilates performed on machines provides a lot of additional information to the patients and their trainer. It also contributes to spinal stabilisation. This is an activity both for the patients who want to gain more strength, and for those who suffered an injury and are undergoing rehabilitation. This understanding of your own limitations and possibilities is consistent with the Sense Med Concept holistic approach to the patients and a treatment tailored to the needs of their body and spirit.

Pilates on reformers is also a form of activity widely used by athletes, including professional dancers. This is a versatile training, with no restrictions.

Pilates on reformers in Warsaw - what do group exercises look like?

When it comes to pilates on machines, Warsaw offers both individual exercises with a trainer and group activities. At Sense Med Concept, and more precisely at Sense Studio, pilates activities are conducted in small groups. You practice on one of 5 reformers. Before the training, the instructor always instructs the participants how to set the machine and how many springs to choose.

Classic pilates is always based on the same “routine" - the exercises are performed each time in the same order, but in different positions. Practicing repetitive patterns of movement contributes to improvement of the technique, but also to the introduction of your mind in a state of balance and harmony. Thanks to a small number of participants in the pilates course, each one is treated individually by the instructor, which enhances the effect of exercises.

The space where you can take care of your body with the use of professional equipment is an ideal basis for self-development, but also to achieve harmony and restore vitality. Pilates teaches to trust in the abilities of your own body. It is a great introduction to other, more intense or simply different types of physical activity. At Sense Med Concept it is an important element of care for spiritual and physical balance.

Article by Sense Med Concept

medical revision: Beata Jasica


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