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How do the crow's feet develop? Learn about the effects of treatments for wrinkles around the eyes

They make you look charming, they are an evidence of an easy-going nature, but their owners... do not always like them. These are the first delicate furrows on the skin appearing in the eye area, the so-called crow's feet. Fortunately, aesthetic medicine offers ways to deal with them. See how to reduce wrinkles around the eyes!

Crow's feet - wrinkles caused by joy

Characteristic fine wrinkles in the corners of the eyes owe their common name to their shape - they form lines that radiate from the corners of the eyes - just like feet of a crow. It is a fairly common type of mimic wrinkles, which often appear as first in patients around 25 years old. How do the crow's feet develop?

The skin around the eyes is even three times thinner than in other areas of the face. There are no sebaceous glands, but the orbicular muscle below it performs about 20 thousand movements per day! Crow's feet are wrinkles formed due to expression, but also high exposure to UV rays or inadequate care. Crow's feet under the eyes at a young age are a typical trait of easy-going people who like to laugh. However, with time the resulting furrows become more deep, adding years and depriving the face of a fresh, young look.

Reduction of wrinkles around the eyes - the basis is proper care

The mimic wrinkles around the eyes will appear later and will be less visible if you focus on proper care and good habits since the very beginning. Of course, it is not about resigning from smiling! However, you should take care of proper hydration of the face. A moisturising, natural cream for the crow's feet will provide the necessary nutrients to prevent skin dryness. If you see crow's feet around your eyes or want to act preventively, try anti-wrinkle cosmetics - you can use them with peace of mind as early as around thirty years old.

The formation of crow’s feet in men and women is promoted by sunlight, so be sure to protect the eye area - choose high-quality sunglasses and remember to wear them not only in the summer. Also avoid factors that accelerate the aging process and the need to remove wrinkles around the eyes - cigarettes, alcohol, poor diet rich in sugar and highly processed foods, but also fatigue, lack of sleep and stress.

What will help for the crow's feet - Botox or hyaluronic acid?

The most well-known and recommended way to reduce mimic wrinkles is Botox. Crow's feet also become less visible thanks to cosmetology treatments that utilize hyaluronic acid for wrinkles around the eyes. They have a moisturizing, refreshing and firming effect.

Exercises for crow's feet will also help. With your index finger, hold the outer corners of the eyes, look up and try lifting your lower eyelid so that your muscles tighten. Repeat every day in three series 10 times each. Another helpful technique to reduce wrinkles around the eyes is a gentle massage with circular movements of the fingers - from the corner of the eye, under the eyelid, up to the crow's feet.

When wrinkles are no laughing matter, or how to eliminate crow's feet

Aesthetic medicine treatments truly affect crow's feet under the eyes is. At Sense Med Concept we offer modern solutions that significantly improve the appearance of the skin and, consequently, the patient's well-being.

Multifunctional laser treatment

A multifunctional laser platform uses several laser technologies - each of them allows to obtain an effect in a different area of aesthetic medicine. By improving skin density and firmness, laser therapy offers the effect of reducing mimic wrinkles, including crow's feet around the eyes. In addition, it visibly evens out the skin tone and refreshes the skin.

Radio wave

Based on a tripollar radio wave technology, the radiowave treatment involves heating up the dermis and subcutaneous tissue evenly. As a result, collagen fibers shrink and skin tension increases. A radio wave, as a treatment for crow's feet, has the effect of firming and rejuvenating the skin, reduces wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, and improves skin tension.

HIFU lifting

The new generation of HIFU treatment is based on the use of high-frequency ultrasound. Precise, concentrated beam produced by the wave has the ability to reach all layers of the skin. HIFU lifting activates the formation of collagen fibers. Treatment for crow's feet with this device results in firming and improving skin tension and smoothes the wrinkles around the eyes.

Radiofrequency microneedling

The radiofrequency treatment for the crow's feet consists in performing micropunctures, which contributes to stimulating the natural production of collagen, followed by the delivery of heat energy in the form of a radio wave. Energy delivered at the right depth additionally stimulates collagen and elastin remodelling. Radiofrequency microneedling brings the effect of reducing fine and deep wrinkles, therefore it proves to be an effective treatment for crow's feet on the face. In addition, it firms the skin and rejuvenates its structure.


Mesobotox used to reduce wrinkles around the eyes combines the procedures of mesotherapy and botulinum toxin. A cocktail suited to individual needs may also contain i.a. hyaluronic acid. The treatment allows to achieve the effect of moisturized, rested and radiant skin. Revitalization and smoothing of the skin works like an improved botox on the crow's feet - it eliminates, among others, fine wrinkles around the eyes.

Botox for wrinkles

The most popular method for the crow's feet - Botox - brings the effect of visible smoothing of wrinkles. Botulinum toxin is widely used in reducing any mimic wrinkles. At Sense Med Concept, we use the purified form of botulinum toxin type A produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria.

At Sense Med Concept, each patient is under comprehensive care of a specialist who adjusts the types of treatments not only to the patient’s individual needs and preferences, but also to the condition of the skin. By reducing wrinkles around the eyes, you will regain your previous well-being and self-esteem.

Article by Sense Med Concept

medical revision: Beata Jasica


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