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Bruxism - botulinum toxin to the rescue!

Currently considered to be a psychosomatic disorder, bruxism not only causes pain and other ailments - if left untreated, it can lead to serious complications. Find out how botulinum toxin works for bruxism and why it is worth treating not only the symptoms of bruxism, but also the cause. Learn also about other treatments in the field of physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine.

When stress eats the teeth, or the causes of bruxism

Bruxism is habitual, subconscious teeth clamping and friction of the teeth of the mandible and maxilla. Excessive activity of the muscles moving the mandible is a result of an emotional overload. Bruxism has been subject to various classifications over the years. For a long time, it was considered only a dental problem, caused by bite defects or poorly fitting prosthesis. Psychiatrists considered bruxism as a parasomnia (a sleep disorder). Today, however, it is know to be a multifactoral disorder, and several specialists should be involved in the treatment of bruxism.

Bruxism is a very common problem, contrary to what we might expect. According to estimates, up to 21% of the European population may be struggling with it. The causes of this disorder are not fully known. However, the specialists seek them primarily in a high level of stress in everyday and professional life. Importantly, the problem is more likely to affect singles than those living with a partner. The favourable conditions for the appearance of the symptoms of bruxism include bite defects, low-magnesium diets, genetic predisposition, food intolerances, as well as addictions - smoking, alcohol abuse or drug use.

Not so obvious symptoms of bruxism

One of the first symptoms of bruxism is persistent headache and facial pain, which may be accompanied by ear discomfort - tinnitus and constant discomfort. Patients struggling with this disorder tend to clamp the jaws even 10 times stronger than when biting hard foods. Therefore, hypersensitivity of teeth occurs quickly, and they even begin to wobble and enamel cracks occur.

Bruxism also changes the face oval - by continuous tightening and clamping of the maxilla, the jaw area becomes more massive, and the face is more square. Pain appears in the area of the maxilla muscle attachment, and in the later stages - pain in the shoulder girdle and hand. Untreated bruxism causes pain in the orbit area, or even blurred vision and imbalance.

The symptoms of bruxism are non-specific, which is why in many cases they can be neglected too much. How to recognize bruxism before it causes serious complications? A specialist who usually notices them first, is a dentist. That is why it is so important to visit a dental clinic regularly.

To the rescue of tired teeth, or why bruxism should be treated

The effects of bruxism can be very serious. From inflammation in the gum area and the temporomandibular joints, reduced mobility, difficulty swallowing food, to loss of teeth and the development of systemic infections such as sepsis or septic shock.  

How to treat bruxism - dental guard, exercise and treatments

Teeth clamping and rubbing are symptoms of bruxism, which require treatment. Modern medicine offers several types of therapy.

Bite correction. If bruxism is caused by an abnormal bite, in which teeth do not fit each other, dental treatment will be necessary. In such a case a reduction of protruding points on the teeth, fillings, as well as orthodontic braces and crowns are applied. Such actions tailored to the needs of the patient allow to correct bruxism.

Dental guard. A transparent guard applied to the top of the teeth prevents friction between the maxilla and mandible. A dental guard is designed and performed individually for each patient. This is a method that reduces pain and other symptoms of bruxism. However, it does not cure its causes.

Psychotherapy and relaxation techniques. Due to the psychosomatic nature of bruxism, a comprehensive therapy requires seeking the root of the problem. Sometimes these are fears or traumas, which the patient is not even aware of. On the other hand, chronic stress at work or at home may require different relaxation techniques - massages, hydrotherapy, bruxism exercise, etc.

Treatments. The comprehensive treatment of bruxism includes various treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine and physiotherapy. At Sense Med Concept, it is not only botulinum toxin for bruxism, but also a number of other therapeutic techniques.

Botulinum toxin type A

Botulinum toxin type A, i.e. popular botox for bruxism, is one of the most popular methods of reducing troublesome clamping and grinding of teeth. The procedure consists in injecting botulinum toxin into the masseter muscles - the muscles of mastication on both sides of the head. Administered in low doses adjusted individually to the patient, the drug causes relaxation of the muscles and, consequently, prevents the symptoms of bruxism. The treatment does not require local anesthesia. Treatment of bruxism with Botox allows to achieve the expected effect for a period of about 6 months. In addition, slimming of the lower parts of the face may be observed.

Anti-aging face massage

Massage not only supports the treatment of bruxism, but it is also an excellent way to relax and eliminate muscle tension. Thanks to the use of professional techniques, the anti-aging massage, usually used to improve skin firmness, brings relief in headaches and the area of temporomandibular joints - ailments caused by long-term teeth clamping. A massage performed by a physiotherapist is a good way to treat bruxism, that causes deep relaxation of the facial muscles.

Shock wave

Using the acoustic wave, the device is widely applied in physiotherapy. The treatment brings results in the form of tissue relaxation. It eliminates the symptoms of bruxism, such as pain in the temporomandibular joints. This comfortable, pleasant and relaxing method of bruxism treatment does not require a recovery period.

Manual treatments: Face taping, Kobido massage, face modeling

Manual therapy is based on the use of different treatment techniques by a physiotherapist. At Sense Med Concept, the patient participates actively in the treatment, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the procedures and the patient's satisfaction with the obtained effect.

Face taping

Face tapping is a variety of kinesiology taping. Bruxism treated with dynamic taping is significantly reduced. All thanks to relaxation and elimination of muscle tone. The treatment is carried out by an experienced physiotherapist - depending on the specificity of the symptoms of bruxism, tapes are applied to the cheeks, nose, chin and neck.

Kobido massage

Kobido massage combines Japanese medical concepts with physiotherapeutical hand manipulation techniques. It acts comprehensively on deep tissues, muscles and fascia, thanks to which it significantly reduces tension and stiffness of the facial muscles. It also relieves headaches caused by bruxism. Kobido massage not only reduces ailments, but also corrects the changes caused by habitual clamping and grinding of teeth.

Face modeling

This method of facial modeling and rejuvenation combining various massage techniques restores proper facial physiology - it acts effectively in the treatment of bruxism. The procedure consists in removing muscle tone and myofascial blocks. In addition, thanks to the use of deep intratissue massage, face modeling helps to improve the face oval.

Bruxism is a multifactoral disorder. In order for the patient to feel a true relief, comprehensive care must be ensured. This is what you find at Sense Med Concept - a place where doctors and physiotherapists treat in the spirit of a holistic approach to health. You will find not only medical care, but also relaxation and other treatments.

Article by Sense Med Concept

medical revision: Beata Jasica



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