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Removal of broken capillaries - effectiveness of modern laser therapy for capillary skin

Broken capillaries on the face lower self-esteem, and when neglected they may change into more serious skin problems. How to fight them? Long-lasting effect will be achieved thanks to laser therapy. Check how laser removal of capillaries is performed!

When rosy cheeks are not necessarily a sign of good health

Small, red marks in the form of fine lines on the face are nothing else than broken capillaries. Just one such a flaw can cause discomfort - both physical and mental. And when more and more of them appear, they decrease self-esteem and a sense of attractiveness. If you want to remove them, you belong to a group of many people who are looking for a way to remove broken capillaries on the face.

Telangiectasias are  small dilated capillaries - they are not a disease by themselves, but a symptomof e.g. venous insufficiency or pregnancy. Small thread veins on the face are primarily a problem of the capillary skin. The blood vessels, which are characteristic of that type of skin, are poorly elastic, and thus prone to breaking. Every damage can be seen through thin and sensitive skin - broken capillaries persist for a long time. It is the patients with capillary skin who most often opt for removal of broken capillaries.

The problem of broken capillaries is more likely to affect women than men, but it can occur at any age. It is facilicated by various diseases and other factors, such as hypertension, prolonged treatment with steroid ointments, smoking and alcohol abuse, frequent high temperature exposure or exposure to UV radiation.

Broken capillaries are not only an aesthetic nuisance. When neglected, they may change into more serious skin problems, such as rosacea, a dermatological disease that occurs only in adults. Importantly, thread veins on the face can be a symptom of rosacea.

Removal of broken capillaries - the basis is proper care

Before you decide to remove your capillaries on the face, remember that proper care is the basis in each such case. The skin is sensitive, therefore avoid cosmetics containing irritants - preservatives, artificial coloring agents or ethyl alcohol. Focus on products acting gently on the skin. They will not bring the effect of complete removal of capillaries, but they will moisturize, nourish and strengthen the damaged sensitive parts of the skin.

Also resign from mechanical peelings - they cause irritations, which on the normal skin act exfoliatively and promote regeneration, but in the case of broken capillaries only exacerbate the problem.

A therapy at Sense Med Concept is performed in the spirit of a holistic approach to health. Therefore, in addition to laser removal of broken capillaries on the face and other treatments, we also suggest to our patients a change in diet. To strengthen your body from the inside and provide support for your skin, supplement your menu with fresh vegetables and fruits. They contain large amounts of vitamin C, which seals blood vessels and increases the elasticity of capillary walls. In difficult cases supplementation will be helpful.

Also reach for special creams for broken capillaries. They contain, among others, rutin, vitamin K and extract of ginkgo biloba. These will facilitate removal of broken capillaries and reduce the risk of further spread of the problem. Capillary skin must also be protected from the sun - so a cream with a strong UV filter will be useful.

Laser removal of broken capillaries - effects that will exceed your expectations!

Moisturizing, creams, proper diet, protection from UV rays - all this will help in the fight against broken capillaries, but it will not help get rid of the problem completely. At Sense Med Concept we offer removal of broken capillaries as part of Alma Harmony XL Pro laser treatment. Carried out under the supervision of a dermatologist, removal of broken capillaries on the face brings a fast and satisfactory effect regardless of the scale and severity of the problem.

Alma Harmony XL PRO laser treatment 

Laser removal ofbroken capillaries on the face is characterized by efficiency, and the treatment itself - with the Alma Harmony XL PRO laser - by multifunctionality and versatility. It is actually a treatment with the use of a platform that supports three types of laser technology, which can be combined during a single procedure, including of course removal of broken capillaries. It uses various types of lasers and various light sources, including infrared light and ultrasounds.

Combining technologies as part of the Alma Harmony laser treatment provides a response to most dermatological and aesthetic problems. Removal of broken capillaries is one of the basic indications for laser use. The head dedicated to the removal of capillary changes was additionally equipped with a cooling system, which reduces discomfort during the laser removal of broken capillaries.

The head dedicated to the Alma Harmony laser treatment was created not only for removal of broken capillaries on the nose and the rest of the face, but also the removal of hyperpigmentation changes, including those from the deep layers of the skin. As a result, the skin tone is evened out, damages and hyperpigmentation is eliminated, and the skin itself looks younger and more fresh.

After laser removal of capillaries, the patient may feel slight burning or stinging. However, in this case no scabs will be visible, and traces after removal of broken capillaries will disappear the following day.

Removal of broken capillaries on the face brings results already after the first treatment. Sometimes, however, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment in order to consolidate the achieved result.

Laser removal of broken capillaries is not the only solution of aesthetic medicine, designed for patients who are looking for an effective method to deal with this problem. Another way is sclerotherapy, an injection of a pharmacological agent that closes blood vessels, as well as electrocoagulation. When it comes to closure of blood vessels, electrocoagulation is considered to be less effective by many patients. In addition, this treatment lasts a little longer. At Sense Med Concept we provide patients with a therapy tailored to the specific nature and severity of the problem. Always in accordance with the patients’ desires, as well as conditions and needs of their body and spirit.


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