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Sagging skin - find out the treatments that can help firm it up

Loss of skin firmness is a natural result of the ageing process. Unfortunately, we often exacerbate this problem ourselves through bad habits and a lack of adequate hydration. Fortunately, it is possible to restore skin elasticity - find out about treatments for sagging facial skin and more!

Why does the skin lose its firmness?

Sagging skin is the result of reduced biological activity of the body's cells. The result of this process is a loss of natural resistance to environmental and atmospheric factors. Added to this are hormonal changes and reduced production of collagen and elastin. Under the influence of these processes, the appearance of the skin changes, its elasticity decreases and, consequently, it becomes more vulnerable to all kinds of pathogens.

Of course, flabby skin around the eyes and in other areas of the face is the most visible. However, the problem also affects other parts of the body. Flabby skin after weight loss or pregnancy is the result of over-stretching of tissues, which (often insufficiently moisturised or lacking sufficient collagen fibres) do not return to their former form.

UV radiation, inadequate care, high temperatures, cigarette smoke, an unhealthy diet or lifestyle also have an impact on the loss of firm skin.

How to improve skin firmness - natural treatments will help!

Lack of skin firmness on the face and body is a problem that can be solved! To regain your skin's elasticity and healthy tone, take advantage of the benefits of aesthetic medicine. The treatments for flabby skin performed at Sense Med Concept are inspired by nature. That is why the result obtained is particularly satisfying for those who want to restore their skin's youthful, natural appearance while reducing wrinkles - but without the use of a scalpel!

Lymphatic drainage

Modern, patented lymphatic drainage technology is one of the most effective ways to quickly regain skin firmness. The treatment for flabby skin is based on the work of mechanised massage heads and rollers. Equipped with micro-holes, the rollers produce a microstimulation effect - they work deeply and very precisely on every millimetre of skin. Devoid of any stretching or micro-damage effect, this treatment helps to restore the skin's firmness.

Lymphatic drainage is a massage designed for patients who want to give their skin a youthful appearance without the intervention of a surgeon. Skin sagging and laxity can have very different causes. It is not always the ageing process itself. Sometimes skin flaccidity occurs after various surgical procedures or past illnesses. Skin flaccidity after pregnancy is also a common effect - in this case, even regular physical activity and a healthy diet do not always help to restore the skin's former tightness.

Skin firming with microwaves

The beneficial properties of microwaves have found wide application in aesthetic medicine. In addition to extensive body modelling, one of the most important effects of the treatment is the improvement of skin elasticity.

During treatment of flabby skin, microwaves emitted by a specially adapted device induce the contraction of collagen fibres, stimulating the processes responsible for new collagen synthesis. The result is an improvement in skin firmness, tone and overall appearance.

How do microwaves work on flabby skin on the abdomen, arms, flanks, thighs and buttocks? The 2.45 GHz frequency affects the subcutaneous tissue, selectively reducing unnecessary fatty tissue and restoring the effect of firmer skin. The device's two heads are equipped with a contact cooling system, making the treatment for firmer skin much more comfortable for the patient.


The endermologie treatment makes it possible to firm flabby skin on the thighs, abdomen and even breasts and other parts of the body. It involves mechanical stimulation of the skin, which reactivates cell metabolism. With the body's biological balance, endermologie works on flabby skin.

Endermologie not only helps to maintain firm skin and restore elasticity to that which has lost it, but also contributes to the reduction of cellulite. It allows for a comprehensive improvement in skin condition in a natural way.

The firm skin treatment uses the action of rollers and flaps, which in effect stimulate collagen production, delay the ageing process and have a positive effect on skin hydration. The great advantage of the treatment is its comfort and the absence of a convalescence period.

Mesotherapies for the face

A particular type of treatments are those designed to firm sagging facial skin. Mesotherapies are very popular - natural methods that restore density to the dermis, giving the effect of hydrating from within and adding firmness. Mesotherapies for the face most often use hyaluronic acid enriched with nourishing, moisturising and antioxidant substances.

Another treatment for sagging facial skin is mesotherapy using amino acids. These influence the synthesis of type I and III collagen fibres. Mesotherapy not only restores elasticity and firmness to the skin, but also provides it with the nutrients it needs and helps reduce wrinkles.

The above list does not exhaust the treatments for skin firmness loss performed at Sense Med Concept. Others worth mentioning include chemical peels, thermal stimulation or laser therapy. Each Patient can count on comprehensive care here - not only the selection of treatments appropriate to their needs, but also support in the selection of physical activity or building a healthy menu. Our specialists are well aware of how to improve the Patient's well-being through comprehensive action for their health and well-being.


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