Face modelling
Face modelling

Face shape

The face shape has a huge impact on a sense of attractiveness and self-esteem. However, with age, the skin loses its elasticity and hydration, the first signs of aging appear, contours change. As a result of gradual loss of fat from the face area, wrinkles and sagging skin may also appear. Moreover, with age, this tissue moves from the cheeks to the area of the chin and neck.

Face modeling with the use of aesthetic medicine solutions allows you to maintain a healthy, young look. Treatments that effectively and safely improve the face oval include, among others, soft lifting and filling with hyaluronic acid or the patient’s own fat. They allow you to model the temples, cheeks, chin or mandible. They also eliminate the problem of sagging cheeks.

Thermoolifting is also characterising by high effectiveness - this is a treatment consisting in stimulation of the the production of new collagen fibers. It uses infrared light. Other similar treatments are based, among others, on the use of tripolar radio wave technology or ultrasounds.

The effect of firming, brightening and improving facial skin elasticity is also achieved through massages, face modeling therapy, as well as various forms of stimulation of facial muscles, including i.a. aesthetic taping.

Recommended treatments

Laser platform

Laser platform is a multi-functional device that allows you to combine different types of lasers and technology during a single procedure.  Read more


This is a treatment that involves administration of hyaluronidase to dissolve hyaluronic acid. The treatment is performed by a doctor in the case of asymmetry, undesired treatment effect, or displacement of hyaluronic acid.  Read more

Reduction of body fat with microwaves

This is a device that utilizes the Coolwaves technology. This technology allows to reduce body fat, especially located in diffcult places. The treatment is painless, not requiring a period of recovery.  Read more

Microneedle mesotherapy

A medical device that performs treatments by means of micropunctures. The effect of the treatment may be enriched with the additional of dedicated cosmetics. It is used for stimulation of collagen production. Read more

Termolifting with infrared light

The treatment is based on an innovative method, which consists in the action of infrared radiation, which stimulates the skin. In addition, the effect of the treatment is enhanced by the possibility of using water peeling, which allows for better cleansing of the skin during the treatment.  Read more

Radiofrequency microneedling

A treatment consisting in the combination of radiofrequency and microneedle procedure. As a result, the skin is double stimulated, through programmed damage and stimulation with eclectic current. 
This treatment is used to reduce scars and enlarged pores. 
  Read more

Shockwave therapy for skin firmness

This is a therapy that uses acoustic waves, which act effectively in the scope of removal of cellulite and local excess body fat. The result of the treatment is silhouette modeling, improvement of skin firmness and muscle stimulation.  Read more

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