Reduction and filling of wrinkles
Reduction and filling of wrinkles


Wrinkles are visible furrows being a consequence of the natural aging process of the skin. Their appearance, location and depth are influenced by mimics, hydration of the body, exposure to UV rays, stress, diet, but also habits such as smoking cigarettes and the way we care for the skin. Wrinkles appear not only on the face, but also on the neck, cleavage, and even on the hands and rest of the body.

Mimic wrinkles include, among others, crow's feet (in the corners of the eyes), a lion’s wrinkle (over the nose line, between the eyebrows) or the so-called smoker’s wrinkles - transverse furrows at the border of the red pigment of the lips. 

Smoothing the wrinkles is possible to some extent due to a long-term use of special creams and serums. Among the active substances showing efficacy in this regard, it is worth mentioning, among others, retinol, bakuchiol and acids.

Aesthetic medicine offers many methods of reducing and removing wrinkles. Apart from the most popular botox, i.e. botulinum toxin injection, the high effectiveness is demonstrated by filling of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid, chemical peelings, thermal stimulation using radio wave technology or widely understood laser therapy.

Recommended treatments

Laser platform

Laser platform is a multi-functional device that allows you to combine different types of lasers and technology during a single procedure.  Read more

Thulium laser

Subablative laser applied in aesthetic medicine. It is used to reduce hyperpigmentation, scars, visibility of enlarged pores and resurfacing. The recovery period after the procedure is shortened, and the effect of a “baby face" is visible more quickly.  Read more

CO2 laser

Fractional ablative laser. Used to reduce scars, remove lesions and perform resurfacing procedures.  Read more


A type of preparations that combine the properties of mesotherapy and fillers. These are preparations that cause moisturization of the skin while stimulating the skin to natural regenerative processes. They give the effect of rebuilding of the skin tissues.  Read more

Platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy

Type of mesotherapy where administered product is the patient’s centrifugated blood, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions. Plasma treatments are widely used in treating scars, hair problems, and moisturising treatments.  Read more

‘Gold’ mesotherapy

 This treatment consists in performing patented punctures by means of microchannels, which are additionally covered by 24 carat gold. The procedure is a non-invasive and painless procedure, it is similar to needle mesotherapy. Read more


An all year-round treatment that gives a banquet effect. During the treatment we act on three levels: exfoliating, oxygenating and moisturizing.  Read more

Microneedle mesotherapy

A medical device that performs treatments by means of micropunctures. The effect of the treatment may be enriched with the additional of dedicated cosmetics. It is used for stimulation of collagen production. Read more

Termolifting with infrared light

The treatment is based on an innovative method, which consists in the action of infrared radiation, which stimulates the skin. In addition, the effect of the treatment is enhanced by the possibility of using water peeling, which allows for better cleansing of the skin during the treatment.  Read more

Radio wave silhouette modelling

This device uses the tripolar radio wave, so it works at different tissue depths. It is used for treatments that are an element of body modelling and reducing unnecessary body fat. In addition, this treatment also helps to improve skin firmness.  Read more

Radiofrequency microneedling

A treatment consisting in the combination of radiofrequency and microneedle procedure. As a result, the skin is double stimulated, through programmed damage and stimulation with eclectic current. 
This treatment is used to reduce scars and enlarged pores. 
  Read more

Shockwave therapy for skin firmness

This is a therapy that uses acoustic waves, which act effectively in the scope of removal of cellulite and local excess body fat. The result of the treatment is silhouette modeling, improvement of skin firmness and muscle stimulation.  Read more

Chemical peelings

Properly selected chemicals that have a brightening and anti-aging effect.  Read more

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