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How do you improve your facial oval?

Drooping cheeks, a second chin, corners of the mouth creating a sad face effect - although these are natural processes, you don't have to accept them! Learn about ways to improve your facial oval based on the benefits of aesthetic medicine. We describe four treatments that bring the expected and long-lasting results!

At what age do facial features change the most?

Round, oval, heart-shaped, with protruding cheekbones or, conversely, with adorably protruding "hamsters". - The shape of the face is a very individual feature, influenced mainly by genes. However, the oval of the face changes with age. A young person usually has delicate features, eyelids raised, corners of the mouth in a neutral position. As the years go by, these features sharpen and take on a more 'adult' appearance.

Around the age of 30, however, the contour of the face starts to change. The first fine nasolabial furrows appear and the corners of the eyes are adorned with tiny "crow's feet" at first. The firmness of the skin is no longer what it was before - all due to the loss of collagen and elastin, produced naturally in the tissues. The shifting of fatty tissue from the cheek area downwards also comes into play. As a result, even in slim people, the jawline changes and the shape of the face, previously close to a V, starts to resemble a W.

A sad face is a thing of the past! How do you change the shape of your face?

Although the ageing process is natural and adds to the seriousness and beauty, it does not have to affect you negatively! Find out how to improve your facial oval using the benefits of aesthetic medicine.

Of course, to achieve and maintain the desired effect, you need to take care of proper skin care, but also a healthy lifestyle. The appearance of the face is affected not only by time, but also by daily habits. A balanced diet, avoidance of stimulants, proper hydration and adequate sleep have a huge impact on the face. This is worth taking care of not only in the perioperative period, but throughout life!

Mesotherapies for the face

One gentle treatment to improve the facial oval is mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid. Depending on the needs and individual conditions of the patient in question, a youthful appearance of the skin and facial contour can also be achieved with other active substances: amino acids, vitamins or mineral salts.

This popular aesthetic medicine procedure involves injecting a preparation with hyaluronic acid or another substance directly into the skin. The nutrients, applied to the deeper layers of the skin, contribute to the restoration of normal tissue volume, restoring the skin's radiant appearance and firmness.

The skin is stimulated to regenerate itself, with increased elastin and collagen production, regaining its youthful appearance. Hyaluronic acid-based mesotherapy can lift the oval of the face and restore its former shape.

Facial oval improvement by microwave fat reduction

An unwanted change in the facial oval is influenced by excess fatty tissue or its displacement from the upper parts to the chin and jaw area. A treatment to improve a drooping facial oval is microwave fat reduction. The beneficial effects of microwaves are used primarily for body modelling - producing the desired natural slimming effects and removing unwanted fatty tissue.

The modern microwave treatment device also has a head for reducing fat on the chin. How do you improve the facial oval in your 40s, or even earlier, using this method? It involves exposing the subcutaneous fat layer to 2.45 GHz microwaves. With this cosmetic procedure, fat cells are selectively removed. The microwaves lead to their breakdown and subsequent removal from the body through natural metabolic processes.

Microwave fat reduction makes it possible to bring about changes where even the most diligent facial oval exercises or regularly applied cosmetics do not help. In addition, microwave facial oval treatments stimulate the skin to produce collagen, resulting in greater elasticity, firmness and a youthful appearance.

Vacuum massage

The vacuum massage is performed using a special head which, thanks to the vacuum, sucks in a fold of skin and gently massages it. It uses special flaps to do this. Importantly, modern facial oval enhancement devices allow the power of the treatment to be tailored to each patient's skin condition and health.

Vacuum massage is the solution for those who want not only to improve the oval of the face, but also to achieve long-term results in the form of firming the skin, lifting the cheeks, restoring the skin to its proper tension and smoothing out wrinkles.

Stagnant water in the tissues negatively affects the appearance of the face. This state-of-the-art treatment for improving the sagging oval of the face is also used in the elimination of lymphoedema. The device has a multidimensional effect, allowing the facial oval to be improved on various levels.

Tissue stimulators

Modern tissue stimulators make it possible to significantly improve the facial oval by activating processes affecting collagen and elastin production. As a result, they firm the skin, lift sagging tissues, increase skin tone, stimulate circulation and activate regenerative processes.

In order for a facial oval lift to give the patient a satisfactory result, the stimulating products must be individually selected to meet the patient's needs. Facial oval improvement treatments differ in the active substances used, the injection technique, but also in the duration of the result achieved.

Facial oval improvement with tissue stimulators is based primarily on the restoration of the skin structure. It becomes thickened and densified, ultimately lifting the cheeks and changing the appearance of sagging skin. This very natural procedure can be successfully performed within the face, without fear of side effects.

At Sense Med Concept, each patient can count on a comprehensive approach and a therapy carried out in the spirit of holistic medicine. The above list does not exhaust the list of procedures offered - other noteworthy ones include special lifting threads, micropuncture combined with radio waves, ultrasound waves or filling with hyaluronic acid. Our specialists provide patients with support at every stage of treatment - including relaxation and relaxation, so important for health and well-being!

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